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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best 40-ouncer of beer or the best $40,000 whiskey, because we cover it all. From profiles of industry-leading chefs and bartenders to recipes for homemade cocktails or brisket, The Manual serves up content that will make you hungry, thirsty, and ready to put your apron on.

Eating fried chicken

The best fried chicken recipe you will ever make

The best fried chicken recipes to end all recipes and satisfy that good old comfort food craving.
Close-up of a man holding frying pan with fresh vegetables and a wooden spoon

33 easy and delicious recipes any man can make

Male chef grilling and barbequing in garden. Barbecue outdoor garden party. Handsome man preparing barbecue meat. Concept of eating and cooking outdoor during summer time.

Don’t skip this step for summer barbecues: How to clean your grill’s exterior

A plate of grilled meat and vegetables on a rustic wooden platter with a black background

The secret to gauging meat tenderness is easier than you think

Benjamin porterhouse whole

The iconic Benjamin Steakhouse shares its best meat cooking tips

Sirloin steak on a grill

How to grill the steak of your dreams: An aspiring steak master’s guide

Burnt ends

Burnt ends are a BBQ favorite — here’s how to make them


Mezcal vs. tequila: What’s the difference?

Steak on the grill

This is the best wood for grilling and smoking, according to an expert

Dark and Stormy cocktail

How to make a Dark and Stormy, the rum-centric sibling of the Moscow Mule

Chicken drumsticks on grill

How to grill chicken correctly for a tender, delicious barbecue

orange wine

What is orange wine? This trendy wine has a long history

A bartender stirs a cocktail in a mixing glass.

How to make a classic Manhattan (and several variations)

The Manhattan is a cocktail that's been around over 100 years. Here's how to make this classic drink.
Steak on the grill

Learn how to make perfect grill marks every time

We're here to help with a few tips and tricks for how to get those perfect grill marks and make your summertime barbecue show one worth watching.
Wolves Whiskey

Wolves Whiskey, Undefeated’s new collab has an American Single Malt not to be missed

This is a collaboration between Wolves, a luxury California-based whiskey brand known for its single malts, and UNDEFEATED, a well-known sportswear brand.
Pulled pork

How to reheat pulled pork: 6 methods that will taste just as good the second time

If you've ever wondered how to reheat pulled pork, we've got you covered.
Lagavulin 16 on the rocks

Lagavulin 16: what you really need to know about this smoky, Islay Scotch

Lagavulin 16 is a great example of an Islay -- one of the five distinct styles of scotch
Raw steak on cutting board

How to season steak: A complete guide

How can you recreate that steakhouse flavor at home? It's easier than you think.
Mountain Dew wine

This is how one man turned Mountain Dew into wine

In a move that absolutely no one asked for, TikToker goldenhivemead has gifted the world with a new wine varietal, made from Mountain Dew

The best cheese for burgers: Our top 7 favorites

These are the best cheeses to top on your summertime burgers.

Our favorite bourbon cocktails for summer (it’s not just a cold-weather drink)

While clear spirits get most of the love during the warmer months, if you’re letting your bourbon bottles collect dust, you’re really missing out.
Sliced steak

The best steak cuts for grilling: These are real crowd-pleasers

Steak and summer is a close and special pairing. Count on these cuts as you fire up the grill this year.
Lagavulin offerman

Nick Offerman, Lagavulin debut 11-year-old Scotch whisky finished in rum casks

Nick Offerman has been collaborating with Lagavulin to release a limited-edition expression of the popular peated whisky for the last few years.
Loud Mouth BBQ Sauce

We love the flavor variety in this new collection of barbecue sauces

Just in time for grilling season, there's a delicious new line of barbecue ingredients on the shelves at Ace Hardware.
Soft-shell crab La Torque

How to cook soft-shell crab at home

Though it seems like a daunting task, cleaning and cooking soft-shell crab is actually quite simple. We got some expert tips from a Michelin-starred chef.
Summer cocktails

These unique summer cocktails each offer a refreshing twist you’ll love

Summer stands for fun and these celebratory cocktails will keep you carefree all season long.
Person grilling

You’ve probably never grilled these foods … but you should

Ribs and burgers are wonderful, but these are some of our favorite grill ideas, and a few not-so-traditional grilled ingredients for your next cookout.

Basil Hayden brought back a popular limited edition bourbon — where you can get it

As the name Subtle Smoke would suggest, this isn’t a robust, campfire whiskey as you’d find from Scotch whisky makers like Lagavulin, Laphroaig, and Ardbeg.
Homemade pisco sour cocktail with lime and bitters

Here’s our perfect Pisco Sour recipe

The pisco sour that's claimed as a national drink by two nations has fascinated cocktail lovers for decades. Find out why and try whipping up your own.
Cooking potatoes and carrot sticks with spices in an air fryer

11 best air fryer recipes for everyone to try – from appetizers to desserts

Got a brand-new air fryer (finally) but sick of cooking bagged French fries? Check out these creative air fryer recipes.
Grapefruit sprtiz cocktail

The best spritz cocktail recipes to drink this spring

If you love a good spritz, then you must try these cocktail recipes that use spirits like gin, whiskey, and vermouth for new takes on the classic drink.
Various healthy foods on a table

20 delicious appetizer recipes to cook for your next dinner party

Want an appetizer that will knock the socks of your party guests? These app recipes go beyond chips and dip.
Person holding an open wine bottle toward the camera

How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

Here's how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew and save the day. All you need is a pair of shoes, a bike pump, a blunt object, or port tongs.
Man grilling over large flame

Grilling safety tips (so the only things roasted are your meat and veggies)

Following these grilling safety tips will help prevent accidents and keep your barbecues injury-free.
Wilderton Aperitivo and citrus.

The best new non-alcoholic drinks for a happy hour without the hangover

It's the most exciting time for NA drinks ever. Here's what to enjoy, hangover not included.

The 10 best amaros and how to drink them

Margherita pizza

How to make a soft, chewy Neapolitan-style pizza like a pro

Pizza stems from one style — Neapolitan pizza. Despite the countless variations of pizza throughout the world, Neapolitan pizza has stood the test of time.
Fresh spring sparkling water

The best sparkling water cocktails to rival hard seltzers

Hard seltzers are all the rage, but sparkling water cocktails are classic and timeless and can offer a better flavor regardless of the weather and the season.
Hot dogs on a grill

How to cook or grill a hot dog perfectly every time

First things first. In case you didn’t know, a hot dog is a sausage, produced, cured, and stored the same way as bologna, frankfurters, and Vienna sausages.
Smoked veggie and tofu kabobs

Our super-easy guide to perfectly smoked vegetables

Smoked vegetables are perfect for your next cookout -- here's how to make them perfect every time.
Rachel Barrie

Women distillers you should know who make spirits all over the world

Around the world, these ladies are producing some of the most exciting spirits out there. Get to know the women making a mark in the distilling industry.

How to make the most magnificent mimosa

An afterthought in the world of craft cocktails, the mimosa can be something special, if you know what you're doing.
iced espresso

What is low-acid coffee (and should you make the switch)?

Low acid coffee has become popular, offering delicious coffee with lower acidity. In this guide, learn more about low acid coffee and if you should switch.
for grace documentary

The 21 best food documentaries of all time

These are the best documentaries about food — from films about meticulous sushi chefs to the woes of the fast-food industry.
Man preparing quick cocktails at home

Your home bar needs these quick and easy simple syrup recipes

Whether you have a sweet tooth or need to balance out an earthy cocktail, simple syrup is a key part of any bar. Check out these simple syrup recipes.
A wide shot of skewers on a grill

This is how to clean a grill, whether it’s charcoal, gas, or pellet

Uncleaned grease and carbon deposits can alter the taste of food and damage your grill. Here, we've outlined the steps on how to clean a grill.
nine-grid hot pot with ingredients.

NYC restaurant Mala Hot Pot teaches us about modern Chinese hot pot

Chinese hot pot comes in many forms. We interviewed Mala Hot Pot to learn the details, from optimum cooking times to their specialty — the Nine-Grid Blind Box.
Moscow mule cocktail with lime and mint in a copper mug

The classic vodka cocktails you need to know how to make

There are a number of classic vodka cocktails that are a little more complex but still easy to make, like a Moscow Mule or a White Russian.
greek yogurt with berries and granola

The best snacks for the Mediterranean diet: 9 healthy, tasty ideas

Mediterranean diet snacks meet the oft-recommended eating plans' standards and taste food. RDs shared their top recommendations.
Different raw steak cuts

How to tenderize steak: The pros of every method

There are many ways to tenderize steak in your own kitchen. Which one is best for your dish?

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