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Emily Caldwell

Emily Caldwell


Emily is a full time freelance writer with a special focus on health, fitness, lifestyle, food, and nutrition topics. She holds a B.S. in Health & Human Services from York College of Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared on Vail Resorts, AAA Insurance, BetterVet, CabinetMurphyBed, and ActiveFit+. When she's not busy writing or working with her husband, Emily loves to exercise, travel, and learn about new ways to improve her health. Emily has a special interest in biohacking, intermittent fasting, ketogenic eating, and holistic wellness.

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a pink smoothie

Make the ultimate high-fiber smoothie with these key ingredients

Adding fiber to your smoothie is a great way to help you reach your daily fiber goals, especially if you're already a daily smoothie drinker.
Sankt-Petersburg/Russia - July 21 2019: McDonald’s worker holding bag of fast food. Hand with a paper bag through the window of mcdonalds car drive thru service.

High protein fast food for a busy day: These picks won’t kill your fitness goals

Consider these 5 delicious options for high protein fast food on your next busy day.
iced espresso

What is low-acid coffee (and should you make the switch)?

Low acid coffee has become popular, offering delicious coffee with lower acidity. In this guide, learn more about low acid coffee and if you should switch.
Caucasian muscular man using pull down machine in the gym, weight lifting workout.

Do you need intra workout carbs?

But are intra workout carbs the best strategy for everyone? Should you try it? Let's dive into this fitness trend and who should consider giving it a try.
flat white coffee

What, exactly, is a flat white? All about the tasty coffee drink

The flat white is a delicious, smooth, and velvety espresso drink that you might just be missing out on. Here's what you need to know about the flat white.
Person standing on asphalt holding a dumbbell in each hand.

Are you doing hammer curls the right way? Your complete guide

Once you perfect your hammer curl form, they're perfect to add to your upper body routine. Here's how you can achieve the perfect hammer curl form in no time.
Man doing plank with pre-workout supplement

How long does pre workout last? How to time your pre-gym routine

How long does pre-workout last? How much pre-workout should you be taking? We'll break down the answers to all of your burning pre-workout questions.
man on treadmill

3 amazing steady-state cardio exercises to work into your fitness routine

Unlike other forms of cardio that have lots of variation in intensity, steady state cardio maintains a similar intensity throughout the duration of the workout.

American cheese isn’t really cheese: The truth behind the burger topping staple

What exactly is American cheese and is it healthy to consume? We'll break down the details of this popular burger topping.
man on treadmill

What’s the point of working out in a hoodie? We explain

We'll break down the truth behind working out in a hoodie to help you determine if it's worth the challenge or a hard pass.
push press exercise man lifting weight over head in gym

Should you do cardio before or after weights? The answer depends on your goals

Each of these varieties of workout equipment offers unique benefits and can each be incorporated into a balanced fitness routine. But which should you do first?

Why everyone is saying bakuchiol is the new (natural) alternative to retinol for your skin

Not only can retinol be harsh on certain skin types, but it's not always the best choice for those who prefer a more natural skincare routine.
Iced latte

Iced cappuccino vs iced latte: A similar coffee order, yet very different

An iced cappuccino and iced latte look similar in appearance, causing them to frequently be confused with one another.
Beef jerky.

5 delicious carnivore diet snacks you can take on-the-go

Discover the 5 best carnivore diet snacks for on-the-go to stay on track with your low carb, meat-friendly diet.
creatine powder

How much water should you drink with creatine?

While creatine is found naturally in the body, this supplement is taken in exogenous powder form to help boost levels in the body.
Person in black sneakers walking on the street

When is the best time of day to walk? After this activity

Even short walks after eating a meal can help to improve digestion, balance blood sugar levels, and so much more.
mens skincare routine changes to make man in sunscreen

Mineral vs chemical sunscreen: Which one should you actually use?

The mineral vs chemical sunscreen debate has been an ongoing one, as both forms of sunscreens have their pros and cons.
zucchini noodles

These low carb pasta options are just as delicious

These low carb pasta substitutes are perfect for staying on track with your diet goals while still enjoying a delicious dinner.
pizza crust

Chicken pizza crust sounds gross but it’s actually delicious (and keto friendly)

Upon first glance, we know chicken pizza crust sounds gross. But when made properly, chicken pizza crust is delicious and doesn't taste like chicken at all.
keto diet picture knife and fork word block

What is dirty keto? Everything you need to know

The "dirty keto" diet has recently emerged as a sub-diet of the keto diet, designed for those looking for a more flexible, sustainable diet.
Ginger and turmeric spices

DIY your own ginger turmeric shot (the secret to your wellness routine) in under 10 minutes

Although you can find some pre-made ginger turmeric shots at the store, making a DIY ginger turmeric shot is easy and far more cost-effective
a bearded man doing a biceps curl

Why you should incorporate static holding exercises into your workout

In this static hold exercise guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about static holding exercises and incorporating them into your routine.
Cottage cheese and berries.

A cottage cheese breakfast is an easy way to hit protein macros — try these tasty ideas

These 5 cottage cheese breakfast ideas are bound to change your mind about this delicious high-protein food.
Pouring cold brew coffee

Cold brew vs iced coffee: What’s the difference?

Cold brew coffee and iced coffee are often confused with one another based on their similar appearance, yet each has its flavor profile.
espresso cup

The espresso con panna is the tastiest yet most forgotten about espresso drink

An espresso con panna is a simple drink that consists simply of shots of espresso topped with whipped cream.

Passport card vs book: Which should you get?

While it might seem intriguing to opt for a passport card over a standard passport book, the smaller price comes with some limitations to consider
a man in a blue sweatshirt brushing his teeth

What is oil pulling? The real facts behind this oral hygiene trend

We'll explain what you need to know about oil pulling for teeth if it works, and if it's safe to add to your routine.
pull up bar

These are the 5 best supplements for muscle recovery

To help support your fitness journey, explore these 5 best supplements for muscle recovery.
Clarence Hairston

How to do a perfect pushup every time, according to a pro trainer

The pushup isn't just a body weight exercise, according to trainer Clarence Hairston. Learn how to do a pushup with his expert tricks.
Avocado cut in half

5 fantastic mood boosting foods to incorporate into your diet

These 5 foods that boost serotonin into your diet are not only delicious but can also give you the serotonin boost you need for a great mood.
Wooden spoon with large flakes of salt

Does salt break a fast? The answer may surprise you

If you've ever fasted, you might have wondered "does salt break a fast"? We'll break down everything you need to know about consuming salt during your fast.
collagen powder

Does collagen count as protein? What you need to know about counting your protein macros

Your daily collagen supplement should not count towards your protein macro goals. Here's why.
man practicing tai chi

Can tai chi lower blood pressure? A new study suggests it can

A recent study suggests tai chi might also be useful in helping to lower blood pressure.
Cold cocktail with lime, lemon, tonic, vodka and ice on vintage background

The best vodka and vodka mixers for no hangover

Want to avoid a hangover? These are the best vodka and vodka mixers to enjoy.
a man doing pull ups

Can’t do pull ups? You need this simple addition to your workout routine

Even for people who regularly do killer back exercises at the gym, a pull up is a different type of motion than that of many strength training exercises.

Keto vs ketovore diet: What’s the difference?

While the keto diet remains popular, you may have heard the term "ketovore" floating around social media. But what is the "ketovore diet"?
single tea bag, white background

Chamomile tea only gets healthier when you add lavender — here’s why

From helping to fight against inflammation to supporting healthy sleep, the benefits of chamomile lavender tea might just surprise you.
Man outside holding a cut head of lettuce

Can you freeze lettuce? The do’s and don’ts of making your produce last

Frozen lettuce may not be the best for making salads, you don't have to toss it just yet.
st lucia

Dining at Sandals Grande St. Lucian: A Caribbean paradise with 11 all-inclusive restaurants

Sandals Grande St Lucian has 12 great restaurants in its all-inclusive resort, and we tried them all
Champagne coups

Every type of champagne, explained

Champagne can be confusing. Brut, dry - extra dry? - it's a minefield of terminology. We demystify it for you.
Happy handsome bearded man is using his smart phone while he preparing vegan healthy breakfast for a lovely family

20/4 intermittent fasting: A sustainable fasting plan that drives results or unnecessary diet fad?

Is a 20/4 intermittent fasting plan right for you? This is everything you need to know.
Barbecue ribs with sauce

This secret ingredient will make your crock pot ribs so much better

Is there anything better than crock pot ribs? Add this secret ingredient to your ribs recipe.
Peanut butter

Can eating peanut butter reduce stress? The answer might surprise you

Peanut butter can reduce your cortisol levels, which can help eliminate stress
A man walking past an airport security station in motion

Clear airport security has a secret program that makes even TSA PreCheck look outdated

Precheck is great. So is Clear. But Clear recently purchased Whyline, and is now offering scheduled security check-ins.
Ginger and Turmeric spices.

Turmeric with ginger and black pepper: Science says taking these herbs and spices together will get you the best results

Turmeric, ginger, and black pepper are all beneficial for your health. Here's why (and how) you should mix them together.
Animal protein sources

New research finds protein absorption myth is, in fact, a myth

A new study challenges a commonly known fitness 'fact'
Steak on cutting board

This is the only type of cutting board we’ll buy – here’s why

Cutting boards come in a variety of materials, but we've got one good reason to buy one type over the rest.
Close up photo of hand holding vitamin softgel.

Vitamins for energy: Ditch terrible energy drinks and try these natural energy supplements

This is what you need to know about coenzyme Q10, vitamin B12, creatine, and other vitamins for energy.
multiple indian spices

Turmeric, cardamom, and more: Indian spices and their surprising health benefits

Indian spices have some amazing health benefits. This is your guide to turmeric, cardamom, ginger, cumin, and more.
humidifier in bedroom

Humidifier benefits: 4 ways owning one will improve your life in winter

A humidifier is a great addition to your bedroom for the winter. Here's why.