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National Parks


Our Nationals Parks are the crown jewels of America. We break down the best parks for different activities and how to be prepared for your next visit.

A picture of the Yosemite Valley during Spring Time

Yosemite National Park is getting a new glamping site with the luxuries you want

Under Canvas, a popular glamping company, is bringing new accomodations to Yosemite National Park.
great smoky mountains national park synchronous fireflies lottery opens aerial view

Act fast to join the lottery for the coolest Great Smoky Mountains experience

Man building a campfire in front of a Winnebago Ekko Springer camper van.

Camper van vs Class B RV: How to choose which to buy for your outdoor adventures

grand canyon national park bright angel trail view bright angel lodge

The most popular Grand Canyon trail reopens this week

Two men fly-fishing in a river.

You’ll soon be able to fish year-round at Yellowstone National Park

A breathtaking view of Yellowstone National Park at sunset.

Yellowstone vs Yosemite: Which national park should you visit?

Moterra Campervan rental parked in a Utah National Park campsite.

This van life camper van sleeps 8, goes everywhere, and you can rent it for less than a hotel would cost

A kayak on the Badwater Basin.

Visitors to Death Valley have rare opportunity to go kayaking in an ancient lake (for a limited time)

Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper parked in a field.

We really wish these compact, Korea-exclusive RVs and campervans were available stateside

Luxury vanlife build using Garnica lightweight poplar wood paneling.

We love this handsome van-life wood paneling, and it’s sustainable too

Sportcaravan Cube 1 Microcarvan Travel Trailer isolated on a studio background.

This tiny caravan uses one smart feature to almost double its space when parked

Man fishing in a river

There’s a new (old) fishing spot in Oregon as a river flows again for the first time in a century

a man standing on a stone pillar in Grand Canyon National Park

A new study ranks the safest national parks to visit (Spoiler: Grand Canyon is pretty dangerous)

This safest national parks study reveals the best places to experience nature and wildlife with minimal risk.
A Bean Stock 2.0 ultralight travel trailer being towed down a wooded trail by a new Ford Bronco.

This $16K teardrop trailer is trail-ready and light enough to be towed by a Subaru Forester

Many teardrop trailers require heavier vehicles to tow them, but the new Bean trailer is towable by most midsize and compact SUVs and crossovers.
Young couple stepping into mountain stream with Westfalia Wave van in the background.

Westfalia just dropped a new camper — its first in over 20 years — that is perfect for van life

Westfalia is back with the Wave, a new van life vehicle and the company's first in over 20 years.
a view between a valley in Yosemite national park during February

This clever hack bypasses Yosemite’s complicated new reservation system

Yosemite National Park has a complicated new reservation system a lot of people are complaining about - but we've got a workaround
Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Zion National Park: These are the best hotels in Springdale, Utah

Planning a trip to Zion National Park? This is where you should stay.

Take a break at one of these U.S. National Parks this winter

Winter provides the most beautiful, peaceful, and picturesque landscapes at some of the most popular U.S. National Parks.
Yosemite Falls

Reservations required: You’ll have to plan ahead before visiting these national parks in 2024

Going to visit national parks in 2024? Make sure you get reservations for these popular attractions.
A grove of sequoia trees seen through a thick fog.

Environmentalists are suing because national parks are… planting trees? Here’s what’s going on

You'd think environmentalists would be all for planting trees, but some groups are suing the National Park Service for it. Here's why.
Snow capped mountains with clouds above at Mount Olympic National Park

National parks in Washington state: 7 hidden treasures you should know about

A guide to the best national parks in Washington state, ranked
Elk at Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park tip: Don’t dangle your baby near an elk like the guy in this video

Elk, bears, moose, and other wildlife are not to be messed with. This Yellowstone visitor didn't get the memo.
Teton National Park in winter.

These national parks have the most gorgeous winter hiking trails

The winter season doesn't mean you have to put away your hiking boots. These are the best winter hiking trails in U.S. national parks.
Moose sitting in a field in an open clearing during the day

Why you need to be just as wary of moose as bear attacks (and what to do when you encounter one)

Moose aren't normally dangerous, but you really don't want to get on their bad side. Here's what to do when one is approaching quickly.
The South Rim of the Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Grand Canyon closures expected to last into 2025 – what to know before you go hiking or camping

The National Park Service has announced a series of closures for various trails and campgrounds within Grand Canyon National Park that could impact your trip.
Pisgah National Forest yellow flowers with pine trees.

Forget overcrowded national parks – these are the best hiking trails in national forests

When national parks become too crowded, explore the lesser-known hiking trips within Pisgah, Shawnee, El Yunque, and Sequoia National Forests.
Wild bushfires burning in Tasmania, Australia.

Time to wake up: Climate change gave us our hottest summer ever and the Earth is in meltdown, U.N. says

Climate change is real. We just experienced the hottest summer on record, and scientists say our climate is breaking down.
A picture showing the beautiful landscape and clear skies of Death Valley

You can mountain bike into Death Valley and watch the next solar eclipse on October 14

You can take a really cool mountain bike ride into Death Valley to watch a solar eclipse. It doesn't get cooler than that!
Apple Maps update press release photo

Apple just gave hikers, campers, skiers, and snowboarders a great reason to use Apple Maps and ditch Google Maps

Do you ski, snowboard, hike, or camp? Apple Maps might be your new favorite app with its new offline mode.
Close-up of large black bison starting at camera from a grassy field

In Yellowstone National Park, one woman was sent running after yet another too-close encounter with a bison

In Yellowstone National Park, one woman decided to get way-too-close to a wild bison, just to get a picture - and quickly learned why you should never do that.
View from Angels Landing, Zion National Park, Utah

U.S. national parks have a plan to go carbon neutral — here’s what that means for visitors

This is how U.S. national parks are reducing their carbon footprint.
Man walking with hiking poles

Podcasts every outdoors enthusiast will enjoy: The Crux, Dirtbag Diaries, and more

Looking for podcasts that make you want to get outside? These choices won't disappoint!
Skier heading downhill at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, with the sun and aerial tram in the background.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort owners sell to local families, keeping resort hyper-local indefinitely

Jackson Hole's owners decided to sell shares to local families, almost ensuring no big resort conglomerate will ever get its hands on the property.
An angler holding a rainbow trout above a fishing net.

Yellowstone river mountain whitefish should not be eaten, but rainbow trout are fine, authorities say: Here’s why

Yellowstone river train derailment has contaminated some fish species, but rainbow trout are fine.
Black bears looking for food

To avoid a bear attack, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park closed a road

Bears foraging for food caused park rangers at the Great Smoky Mountains national park to close a road
Night Sky Over Idaho's Craters of the Moon

Where will the next U.S. national park be?

The 64th and newest National Park will be here soon. Here are the candidates and what the naming process is like.
best national parks to visit in spring summer warm weather great sand dunes park and preserve colorado getty images

These are the best national parks to visit when the weather warms up

With the arrival of spring (and summer just around the corner), now is the time to explore the best U.S. National Parks.
lesser known us national parks humpback whale breaches the water  park of american samoa 2015 gallery

5 Little-Known National Parks That Are Cooler Than Their Overcrowded Brethren

More obscure national parks are just as majestic, but receive a fraction of the crowds. Try these little-known U.S. national parks in the Great Outdoors.
Best National Parks Header Image - Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park

The 20 Best U.S. National Parks to Explore Now

Soaring mountains, dune-covered deserts, glacial lakes, primeval forests, and red-rock canyons set the stage for special adventures in splendid national parks.
A majestic view of Zion National Park Angels Landing in Utah.

The 6 Best Day Hikes in U.S. National Parks

Hiking season is here and the trail awaits. Take in amazing natural experiences and stunning landscapes that only require day hikes through U.S. national parks.
A rustic wood barn sits beneath a panorama of the Grand Teton Mountains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Jackson Hole Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More

A gateway to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, Jackson Hole is an incredible Western destination. This guide will suggest where to stay, what to eat, and more.
A Wyoming landscape, mountain lake and rocks leading up to jagged mountains with the sun setting behind them.

Wyoming Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More

A guide and reasons to visit the Cowboy State in the spring and summer — Yellowstone, breweries, rodeos, outdoors in Jackson Hole, etc.
The annual Firefall event at Horsetail Fall in California's Yosemite National Park.

Witness the Bizarre Natural Beauty of the Yosemite Firefall

Even frequent visitors to California's Yosemite National Park have likely never witnessed its spectacular Firefall event.
Zion National Park.

Zion National Park Forever Project Opens East Zion Bike Trail

A Part of the East Zion Initiative, the first 10 miles of Zion National Park officially opens the East Zion Bike Trail for public use.
A spectacular view of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in fall.

5 Best Hikes for Fall to Enjoy the Burst of Autumn Colors

Pack your gear and embark on these spectacular hikes for fall, so you can stay cozy and admire the breathtaking autumn display without the crowds.
Service rangers at a national park.

U.S. National Parks Are Being Overrun. This Is How Rangers Are Facing It

Park rangers are facing many challenges in U.S. national parks in response to the massive influx of visitors the parks are receiving. Plan ahead and be patient.
best national forests in america featured image

The 10 Breathtaking National Forests in America Worth Visiting

America's National Forest System stretches over 193 million acres. Here’s a shortlist of some of the country’s most breathtaking national forests.
national park camping

Top National Park Camping Destinations in the United States

Of the 59 total United States National Parks, here are the best national park camping spots, ranging from the coast to the desert, to get away from urban life.
hiking the knife edge trail

What It’s Like Hiking the Knife Edge Trail to the Highest Peak in Maine

One hard ascent to Mount Katahdin's peak is through the 1.1-mile corridor known as the Knife Edge Trail. How long would it take to reach the summit? Find out.
person standing under night sky

The 5 Best Evening Outdoor Destinations You Need To Visit Now

Extend your vacation days with an outdoor adventure at night. These ultimate destinations offer incredible adventure activities after dark.