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Dannielle Beardsley

Dannielle Beardsley


Dannielle has written for various websites, online magazines, and blogs. She loves everything celebrity and her favorite season is Awards. When she isn't writing about topics from fashion to parenting to health and wellness, she likes to try to catch up on the 394 shows in her Netflix and Hulu queues. She also loves coffee, anything related to the 80s, reading, and always being on the winning team for trivia.

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Male chef grilling and barbequing in garden. Barbecue outdoor garden party. Handsome man preparing barbecue meat. Concept of eating and cooking outdoor during summer time.

Don’t skip this step for summer barbecues: How to clean your grill’s exterior

Here's how to clean the outside of a grill so it lasts more than a few summers.
A gorgeous view of an empty golf course.

How many acres is a golf course?

How many acres is a golf course? We'll take a swing at how much land it takes to bring you a round of golf.
A group of friends playing golf.

What is an executive golf course?

What is an executive golf course? It's a must when you only have a few hours on a Saturday instead of a whole day, but you'd like to get a few swings in.
The Big Green Egg Chiminea.

Big Green Egg brings back a fan-favorite item for a limited time

The updated Big Green Egg Chiminea wows to celebrate 50 years in business, and it will take a gathering around the fire to a new level.
Pro Golfer Chris Kirk wearing Zenith gear while playing.

This is the amazing watch brand you’ve been seeing pro golfer Chris Kirk wearing

Pro golfer Chris Kirk doesn't hit the green without one of his Zenith watches playing caddy.
The IWC Hand-WOund Night and Day watch.

New dial colors, slimmer design for IWC’s Portugieser watches

With over 150 years of experience, IWC knows how to make a luxury wristwatch, but the new Portugieser Collection will have you seeing stars.
The Piaget Polo Date duo.

The Piaget Polo Date 150th Anniversary Edition revamps a classic watch

Piaget took their 1979 hit the Piaget Polo, gave it a shine, and made it the star for the company's 150th anniversary, debuting the Piaget Polo Date.
The Rimowa Hammerschlag collection.

You need this new limited edition Rimowa luggage collection in your closet

If you need a luggage upgrade, the Rimowa Hammerschlag limited collection line is all you need.
A view of the Indiana National Dunes Park.

A guide to Indiana Dunes National Park: Where to visit, what to do, and more

The Midwest has its gems, and the Indiana Dunes National Park is definitely one of them. If you haven't made a visit yet, we have the guide to get you there.
A man wearing a Tudor Black Bay GMT watch.

The waitlist for the most popular watches for men can take years — experts offer alternative picks

These are the underappreciated watches for men to get when the waitlist for the popular ones is too long for your taste.
Omega and Rolex watches.

Bob’s Watches is auctioning 4 iconic vintage Rolex and Omega timepieces

If your Omega or Rolex watches for men collection just isn't complete, check out the Fresh Finds Spring 2024 auction by Bob's Watches.
A man getting dressed, buttoning up his shirt.

How to remove sweat stains from a dress shirt

Sick of checking your pits for those telltale stains? We have easy-to-use pointers for removing sweat stains from shirts to make clothes look new again.
Man reading a book.

The best poetry books: You owe it to yourself to read these

If you're like most people these days, if asked what the best poetry books are, you'd have absolutely no clue. That's why we made the list you need to read.
An Apple Watch charging.

7 reasons why your Apple Watch battery life is terrible (and what you should do about it)

Keep your Apple Watch off the charger and on your wrist longer with a healthier battery life by checking these things.
A kayak on the Badwater Basin.

Visitors to Death Valley have rare opportunity to go kayaking in an ancient lake (for a limited time)

The National Park Service says there is a small window when you could kayak in Badwater Basin in Death Valley, and it's happening right now.
One of the MoonSwatch watches.

Swatch is auctioning boxes of its entire MoonSwatch lineup online this month for charity

If you still love to wish upon a star, the ultimate watch collaboration between Swatch and Omega is being auctioned off through Sotheby's.
The Zenith Chronomaster Titanium with rubber band.

Zenith just dropped a lightweight titanium version of its Chronomaster Sport watch

Zenith is the official watch brand for the Ultimate Tennis Showdown league for a reason, and the Chronomaster Sport Titanium is game, set, match.
A man reading a book on a couch in the living room.

18 classic books everyone should read (or reread) at least once in their lifetime

Need to update your reading rotation? Get cozy and crack open one of these must-read classic books when your TBR pile starts to look a little stale.
A row of four luxury watches.

These are the top 10 most popular watches for men right now

The list of the top ten most Googled luxury watches for men was dominated by one brand.
Ghost ranch New Mexico

New Mexico road trip itinerary: These 3 incredible routes feature highlights and hidden gems

The ultimate New Mexico road trip consists of delicious food, vintage Americana, stunning backdrops, hiking, and relaxation.
A snowy view with a cabin in the mountains .

These are the most incredible, picturesque mountain towns for a winter getaway

Forget about overcrowded beaches and long lines at amusement parks. These mountain towns are the best spots for your winter getaway.
The McSki in Sweden during ski season.

There’s a McDonald’s in Sweden you can actually ski-through like a drive-through

This McDonald's in Sweden lets you ski up to a window to order food, just like a drive-through.
Someone about to take a swing at a golf ball.

Golfers are too good at hitting golf balls, so the USGA is making changes

Golf balls are being rolled back. This is what that means and how it will affect your game.
Apple Watch Series 9 showing the double tap feature

Apple is pausing sales of these two Apple Watch models in the U.S. – what you need to know

Don't wait to count that Christmas cash from Grandma. Get one of these two Apple Watches now before they get pulled from stores.
A group of friends posing with their snowboards and skis while standing in the snow.

The best way to travel with a snowboard or skis affordably

We have the way for you to travel to your snowy destination without having to haul those skis or snowboard along every step of the way.
The Throwflake ornament in the box.

Everyday carry company The James Brand makes the most dangerous Christmas Tree ornament we’ve ever seen

Everyday carry brand The James Brand makes an incredibly dangerous Christmas tree ornament, but it could save you in a Home Alone scenario.
The Insta360 camera detailed picture.

The new Insta360 Ace Pro looks almost exactly like a GoPro, and has specs to match

The new Insta360 Ace Pro action camera looks a lot like a GoPro, and has specs to rival any premium action cam.
Answering a phone call on an Apple Watch Series 8.

You have until Christmas to get a new Apple Watch: What to know about the U.S. import ban

Thinking of getting an Apple Watch? If a ban goes through, they're going to be a lot harder to get in the U.S..
Rick Astley performing

Rick Astley re-records ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’— but this time, with the wrong lyrics for a good cause

Rick Astley has released a new version of "Never Gonna Give You Up." He sings the wrong lyrics, but it's for a good cause.
A hand holding up an iPhone with the screen showing

Your new iPhone 15 has a semi-secret menu you might be overlooking

Your new iPhone 15 has a cool new feature, the Action button, which has its own menu people may be overlooking.
The Amsterdam sign in Amsterdam

Travel tips: It will be more expensive than ever to visit Amsterdam next year — here’s why

Amsterdam has been trying to curb overtourism, and this tourism tax increase is its latest move..
The Atari 2600+ system and joystick controller.

This new Atari console looks just like the original, and can even play all those old, retro games

The Atari 2600+ is a faithful recreation of the original, and it can even play the old games.
A pile of toilet paper.

TikTok is putting toilet paper in the refrigerator to solve a problem that doesn’t exist

Should you put toilet paper in the refrigerator? Why the latest social media trend is probably unnecessary.
A person looking out the window while wearing headphones and working on a laptop

Grateful Dead, Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Johnson, and more: You can watch 250,000+ concerts free through this site

If you are nostalgic for old concerts or have always wanted to know what a certain band sounded like live, there is an archive to take a deep dive into.
The Swatch watch collaboration with ESA.

You can now design your own Swatch watch with stunning images from space telescopes

Create your own Swatch watch featuring the mysteries of the universe. Here's how.
Bedrock City theme park in Arizona.

There’s a secret theme park in Arizona (and it will transport you to the past)

Forget about overcrowded theme parks like Disneyland or LEGOLAND. See how to ride with the family down the street to Bedrock City at Raptor Ranch in Arizona.
A piece of luggage sitting in the middle of an airport.

Travel tips: One super easy thing you can do to keep your checked luggage from getting lost when you fly

Keep your checked luggage from getting lost when you fly with this one simple tip.
The Texas Rangers MLB field.

MLB playoffs: Texas Rangers swept the Baltimore Orioles, and they have ’90s band Creed to thank – here’s why

Creed - yes, the band - helped the Texas Rangers sweep the Baltimore Orioles in the MLB playoffs. Here's how.
The outside of a Burger King restaurant.

Throwback video shows what happened when Burger King first let customers pay with credit cards, and the reactions are priceless

Witness history in the making when Burger King started taking credit cards to buy a Whopper. Watch for the warm embrace of nostalgia but stay for the comments.
A person listening to music on their iPhone.

Apple Music finally got a fan-fave Spotify feature but it’s buried in the app’s settings — how to turn it on

Apple Music got a great new feature with the release of iOS 17 — but no one heard about it.
A topographical map of the continent Zealandia.

There are actually 8 continents, and scientists have finally mapped the one that’s (mostly) hidden underwater

Not since the back and forth of Pluto being a planet has there been something to change up schoolbooks like the discovery of the eighth continent, Zealandia.
A woman holding her dog while the pet carrier does through the X-ray.

The TSA really wants travelers to stop putting their pets through the X-ray machine at airport security

The mistake TSA agents hate to see when you go through airport security with a fur baby. Make sure this major mishap doesn't happen when traveling with a pet.
Gold bars 1000 grams.

Costco keeps selling out of… gold bars? (The deal with the latest Costco obsession)

Forget about hit items like rotisserie chicken, maple syrup, or sheet cake — if you have a membership, Costco will let you add a gold bar to your online order.
Space Shuttle Challenger launching from Launchpad 39.

How NASA trained astronauts using a really cool waterslide and a ‘rubber room’

NASA gave astronauts a way to put their minds at ease with a rubber room below their launchpad, with the way to get there a little whimsical — and a little wet.
People walking through a bamboo forest in Japan.

2028 might be a really good time to visit Japan – here’s why

If a trip to Japan is in your future, here's why you should hold off on a visit until at least 2028 — all because some bamboo is ready to take center stage.
Air traveler entering information at a Global Entry airport kiosk.

Global Entry has a new app that will let you skip the kiosks

This mobile app from Global Entry will make getting through U.S. Customs a snap.
A side by side of the new and old Chronomaster Original watches.

Zenith watches have a new addition: A Chronomaster Original with first-ever feature you’re going to love

Zenith Watches has unveiled the new Chronomaster Original, boasting a first-ever dial feature you're going to love.
Environment-friendly grooming and bath products beside a plant on a surface.

From Dove to Dr. Squatch, the best bar soaps under $20 to buy right now

Over liquid body wash? If you're searching for a new favorite shower product, here are our picks for the best bar soaps that will have your skin thanking you.
A view of a BermudAir flight in the sky.

This new airline only has business class seating, and it might be the smartest thing we’ve ever seen an airline do

Ever flown business class? It's great, and this airline offers flights that are all business class.
A close up of the first painting Bob Ross painted on his TV show.

A Bob Ross original from his first show heads to auction, bids start at $9.8 million

Ever wanted to purchase a Bob Ross painting? Now you can - if you have $10 million to spare.