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Monos vs Away: Which is the better luggage brand?

A view of the Monos Monos Hybrid Carry-on Plus suitcase.
Monos / Monos

It’s time to get new luggage. Maybe you already have a trip planned, or you’re getting ready to book a vacation, but in either case, you’ll need a travel bag to stow your gear. Two of the hottest, upscale, and modern luggage brands on the market, which you’ve likely encountered at some point, are Monos and Away. As competitors, a head-to-head of Monos vs Away makes a lot of sense, albeit the comparison is not as simple as you might think. There are a lot of similarities but a lot of differences, too, especially depending on what you’re expecting out of these high-end luggage offerings. Let’s discuss.

Monos vs Away luggage: Who wins?

Monos luggage in the wild

If you’re not interested in the full comparison and just want to know which brand you should purchase, the answer is Monos. While offering better designs, premium materials, and higher build quality, Monos luggage still manages to be priced more competitively. That said, you can’t go wrong with luggage from either brand, so you wouldn’t be making a poor choice if you decide to purchase luggage from Away.


Monos is priced much more competitively than Away luggage, especially when you consider the advantages the brand’s products offer. The other thing Monos luggage has going for it is that the brand regularly offers deals and promotions, sometimes even including freebies. As a quick comparison, Monos Carry-Ons start at $246 and top out at $345, while Away Carry-Ons start at $275 and top out at $645. The designs are similar across both brands, and the color variations are plentiful. But pound-for-pound, it’s tough to argue with that lower price.


When comparing Monos and Away luggage features, you’ll notice right away that they are nearly identical. Sure, they might deliver those features in unique ways, but everything you could ever want or need from high-grade luggage is there. Here are some of the common inclusions:

  • A durable polycarbonate hard exterior shell
  • An adjustable telescopic handle
  • A TSA-approved lock
  • High-performance wheels
  • Interior compression system for storage and organization
  • Interior anti-microbial laundry bag

Of course, there are some differences, too. Away luggage is available in an optional, secondary flex format that includes an expandable design. They are more expensive, but you can open the zipper to create a little more room inside the luggage.

Inside the bigger Monos luggage models, you’ll also find extra organization in the form of mesh pockets and zippered dividers. It’s not a necessity, but it’s definitely a marked improvement for those who like to keep their away gear organized and neat.

Build Quality

Both brands feature a durable polycarbonate shell, or what can best be described as a hard shell exterior. But what sets them apart is that Away luggage is somehow less durable overall. It is, however, still much better than cheaper alternatives or no-name options. If you’re going by build quality and durability alone, Monos takes the win.

It should be noted that Away does offer some that are stronger than polycarbonate.


Both brands use minimalistic, modern designs that are decidedly beautiful. Away luggage features a slightly rougher texture on the exterior surface, with clean yet more squared-off designs minus the rounded corners. Monos luggage is streamlined and less appealing at a glance but features sleek, rounded contours and more manageable configurations. For example, they nestle almost perfectly inside an overhead bin without taking up too much extra space. Although both brands feature TSA-approved designs.


Since Monos only launched in 2018 and Away luggage launched in 2015, we don’t know yet how well they hold up during decades of use and travel. They are established brands at this point; it just hasn’t been long enough to put their offerings through the wringer.

The good news is that both brands offer a limited lifetime warranty. As long as you’re the original purchaser of the luggage, you’re covered from cracks or breaks in the shell, the breakage of wheels or handles, broken zippers, and non-functional fabric tears.

In the end, it doesn’t even matter

A woman stands next to the Away Travel Carry-On suitcase in olive green.
Away Travel

Comparing Monos and Away luggage is a bit silly because they’re both excellent brands. While the experience between the two might be slightly different, you really can’t go wrong buying products from either of them. If you’re planning a trip soon, you’ll definitely feel better with either a Monos or Away luggage case. Our top pick is Monos because their luggage is priced better, a bit more durable, and offers some better organization options.

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