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Taking care of your skin is important. Need to upgrade your skincare routine but don’t know where to start? We’ll guide you through all the proper products and habits. Your first lesson: Are sunscreen and moisturizer essential? (Answer: they definitely are!)

a bunch of serums in a row

Dull skin? Here’s how to liven it up

Does your skin appear to be graying? You may have dull skin, which can leave you looking and feeling less than your best. These tips will help.
Man using nose strip

How to get rid of those annoying blackheads once and for all


Why everyone is saying bakuchiol is the new (natural) alternative to retinol for your skin

mens skincare routine changes to make man in sunscreen

Mineral vs chemical sunscreen: Which one should you actually use?

man looking in mirror

5 essential anti-aging skincare tips every man needs to know

man doing skincare

A new study suggests the secret to your skincare routine is… strength training?

man putting serum on hand

What are peptides, and do you really need them in your skincare routine?

a gigantic showerhead

Why you need to take a cold shower after a flight

man with white plush robe and cucumbers on his eyes

Cucumbers help get rid of puffiness, dark circles under eyes: Myth or fact?

A barber sharpening a straight razor.

How to sharpen a straight razor, according to a master barber

A close-up view of a man applying lotion to his hands.

The 15 best body lotions for dry skin to lock in moisture

Man clapping hands with chalk powder before workout

The 5 best body powders for men to help avoid embarrassing odors

green tea leaves in spoon and bag

Myth or fact: Can tea bags really help with puffy eyes?

A dermatologist spilled the tea on whether tea bags can really help people nix puffy eyes, and provided tips for safe application.
man looking into a mirror with teal paint

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes once and for all

Have dark circles under eyes? You might be able to nix them with a few simple lifestyle tweaks. Here's what to know.
A pair of hands using beard balm.

The best beard balms to tame, hydrate, and shape your whiskers

Treat your beard to the best with the best beard balms right now, formulated to give your whiskers the shape, shine, and nourishment they deserve.
Man checking out ingrown hair in the mirror

Baxter of California, Jack Black, and more: The 10 best products to minimize ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs cause irritation and itching. But these best ingrown hair products contain skin-soothing ingredients for a smooth shave.
a vaseline lip product on a greenscreen backdrop

Is Vaseline the Swiss army knife your skincare routine needs? What derms have to say

Can Vaseline help with chapped lips, dry skin, and other skincare concerns? Dermatologists discussed the TikTok-favorite product.
Man wearing a clay mask

At-home spa: Make your own exfoliating face mask with ingredients from your kitchen

Create hydrating and exfoliating masks at home using organic, cold-pressed, unrefined ingredients from your kitchen.
A man putting on lip balm

Keep your lips moist and smooth with the 11 best lip balms for men

Investing in the classic routine of lip protection can help you prevent dry, cracked, and even bloody lips. We've rounded up the best lip balm products.
TSA going through toiletries

The 8 best travel-sized men’s grooming products to please TSA officers

Get friendly with the TSA staff with the best travel grooming products, all chosen to help you look good without sacrificing suitcase space.
Man applying face cream.

A dermatologist explains the best winter skincare routine

Winter is coming. Learn how to keep skin moisturized all winter long to prevent itchy and dry skin with tips from a dermatologist and products.
Olive oil poured into a bowl

Should you put olive oil on your skin? Derms sound off

Consuming olive oil, a healthy fat, may help with skin health. But should you apply it to your skin? Here's what derms have to say.
Man putting on body spray

Tom Ford, Kenneth Cole, and more: The 10 best men’s body sprays for 2024

Ditch your heavy cologne for a lighter men's body spray that won't suffocate you on a warm afternoon. These are our favorite body sprays for men.
a plate of salmon on dark backdrop

Will omega 3s actually help hair, skin, and nails?

Omega-3s are hailed as healthy fats and part of the Mediterranean diet. But can they help with hair, skin and nail growth?
coconut with a hole

Is coconut oil actually good for your skin?

Feeling the pain of winter-induced dry skin? Have chronically dry skin? Coconut oil may help. Here's what to know.
Man shaving

Oui the People, Dr. Tusk, and more: The 8 best shaving creams that won’t irritate your skin

We've found the best shaving creams of 2024 to help you remove facial hair and leave your skin feeling supple and rejuvenated.
Man shaving with razor burn.

Follow these 10 tips to get rid of razor burn ASAP

Razor burn can be uncomfortable. If you have one, you'll want to know how to get rid of razor burn. Find the best razor burn treatment tips for men here.
a close up of a man's eyes

Skincare tips: How to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and more

Everyone gets wrinkles and fine lines as they age. These are the skincare tips you need to fight them.
Man using face cream

Upgrade your daily routine with products from these amazing Black-owned grooming brands

We've rounded up a number of Black-owned businesses that are putting out some of the best grooming products for men.
humidifier in bedroom

Humidifier benefits: 4 ways owning one will improve your life in winter

A humidifier is a great addition to your bedroom for the winter. Here's why.
a close up of a man's eyes

How to get rid of bags under eyes: The simple tricks you can do at home

With a few choice lifestyle changes, you can finally get rid of those under eye bags.
Man applying cream to his face

Skinceuticals, Pure for Men, and more: Try these 9 night creams for your skin

Skin repairs itself while you sleep. This year, try incorporating night creams for men into your routine to improve skin recovery and reduce wrinkles.
Man applying face mask in mirror

From nuts and seeds to salmon and carrots, these are the best foods men should eat for healthy skin

The best foods for healthy skin for men to prevent skin aging, acne, psoriasis, wrinkles, and sun damage. Learn what to start eating for your healthiest skin.
Bald man shaving face over sink

Dr. Tusk, The Art of Shaving, Cremo, and more: Here are some of the best aftershave balms for men

Make sure to use one of the best aftershave balms after removing facial hair to keep your skin fresh, hydrated, and in the best shape possible.
A close-up view of a man applying lotion to his hands.

Will goat milk soap actually help your dry skin problem?

Is goat milk soap good for your skin? We investigate the benefits for dry skin and other skincare issues, disadvantages, and more.

Make shopping easy: The best gifts for men (no matter what he’s into)

We rounded up the best men's gifts of 2023 to get any man the best present for any occasion, including yourself.
white skincare products

These are the skincare changes all men should make ASAP

Skincare is important, and men should be doing these things daily – starting now
Supply co. safety razor

The best razors for sensitive skin: Our top picks

We've rounded up the best razors for sensitive skin to make shaving close, simple and easy.
Close-up of man's lips and lower face

Get rid of chapped lips for good this winter

From lip balms and scrubs to home remedies, these are the answers to your chapped lips problem.
chicken on a spinach salad

Is protein the key to better hair, skin, and nails? Experts weigh in

Is eating protein an essential piece of your skincare routine? What about nail and hair care? Experts say yes to all three.
Man washing his face

Great skin at any age: Skincare for men in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond

Skincare for men at any age is as important as physical health. Stay good looking with the best skincare for men in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.
Skincare products on a counter

The best nighttime skincare routine for men, according to experts

Follow these nighttime skincare routine steps for men, backed by experts, to feel rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning.
Man doing skin care routine

The best toner for men – cleanse your pores with one of these top products from Baxter of California, Fenty Skin, and more

Toners benefit your skin by clearing out pores, which can be a great help for people with acne-prone skin. Here are the best toners for men.
Man applying serum in mirror during skincare routine

Skin flooding is the newest TikTok skincare trend, but is it legit?

Skin flooding is trending on TikTok, but does it really work? Here's what you should know about this potential addition to your skincare routine.
Man checking his skin in the mirror

Retinol for men: What to know and what to buy

You've probably heard of retinol, but we want to help you understand what retinol for men really is all about and products to try.
three bottles of skincare products

Body butter: Is this the secret winter skincare solution you’re not considering?

Winter brings dry skin and discomfort to many. Body butter might be the solution.
Portrait of Young Couple in Halloween Costumes. Beautiful Woman and Handsome Young Man Wearing Costumes holding Pumpkin at Halloween Party in Nightclub. Happy Friends having Fun Celebrating Halloween

How to remove Halloween makeup and face paint

This is how to remove Halloween makeup without damaging your skin.
Man using face moisturizer

Neutrogena, Jaxon Lane, and more: The 14 best men’s face moisturizers with SPF to slow down aging

Moisturizers and sunscreens are two essential skincare products. So, we've rounded up the best face moisturizers with SPF for every skin type and budget.
Environment-friendly grooming and bath products beside a plant on a surface.

From Dove to Dr. Squatch, the best bar soaps under $20 to buy right now

Over liquid body wash? If you're searching for a new favorite shower product, here are our picks for the best bar soaps that will have your skin thanking you.
Dr. Squatch bundle

Brand Profile: How Dr. Squatch went from a viral social media startup to men’s grooming sensation

Dr Squatch is one of the biggest names in men's grooming, but it wasn't an overnight success. We talk to an exec to find out how it all went down