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All of our best tips, tricks, advice, products, and how-tos for men with all kinds of coiffed domes, from lavish long hair to bald and balding. (It happens, guys, lean into it!)

crew cut haircuts for men brad pitt

These are the best crew cut haircuts for summer

From function to fashion, the crew cut is making a comeback this summer. Here are the best crew cuts for you to try.
Washing hair in shower

How often should men wash their hair? Experts weigh in

Generic-Graying-Bearded-Man-3, beard dye

How to dye your beard at home in 3 simple steps

Man with a straightened beard

How to straighten your beard at home safely and comfortably

Applying hair cream

The 11 best hair styling creams for men to get the perfect do

a man with a receeding hairline

What actually causes hair loss in men? Plus, the tips you need for thinning hair

Man looking at hair loss

Hair loss treatment: Best options for men with thinning hair

Businessman's hand brushing off fallen dandruff from shoulder

How to get rid of dandruff fast: What you need to know

Guy getting his hair cut

From primer to hair putty, these are the best hair products for men

a plate of salmon on dark backdrop

Will omega 3s actually help hair, skin, and nails?

Man using face cream

Upgrade your daily routine with products from these amazing Black-owned grooming brands

humidifier in bedroom

Humidifier benefits: 4 ways owning one will improve your life in winter

a man using essential oil

Does jojoba oil really help with hair growth?

Is jojoba oil the answer to hair thinning and hair growth issues? We investigate.
Robert Pattinson

Rock the bro flo or the fade: Here are the 7 best mid-length hairstyles for men

Hairdressing your medium-length cut can be a hassle. That's why we've made a roundup of the best mid-length hairstyles you can rock.
Man putting product on his face and beard.

The 15 best beard oils reviewed for the modern man

Beard oil keeps your whiskers soft, staving off unwelcome itchiness caused by your facial hair. Here are the best beard oils you should try.
Man putting gel in his hair

A good hair gel is a haircare necessity, and these are our faves

Keep your hair looking slick with hair gel, which offers both hold and shine. Find the one that’s right for you with our top hair gel picks.
Man standing in cold with scarf. and hair blowing in wind

Your complete guide to hair and scalp care in winter

Breakage, flaking, and more can do a frightful number on hair. If you're having cold feelings toward your cold-weather mane, you'll want to consider these tips.
chicken on a spinach salad

Is protein the key to better hair, skin, and nails? Experts weigh in

Is eating protein an essential piece of your skincare routine? What about nail and hair care? Experts say yes to all three.
Rosemary in a small jar

Will rosemary oil actually help with hair growth?

Rosemary oil for hair growth is a popular lifehack, but does it work? We dig in.
Man with pomade

Jack Henry, American Crew, and more: The best pomade for men

Having proper styling products in your bathroom is a good place to start for a great head of hair. These pomades will bring good hair days like never before.
A man's hair with hair oil in it

Jack Black, Moroccanoil, and more: The best men’s hair oils are the answer to your dry hair problems

The best hair oils for men are rich with antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that nourish, hydrate, and protect. They can even prevent graying or hair loss.
Man using dry shampoo

The 7 best dry shampoo options, an easy cleansing solution for your hair – Ouai, Living Proof, and more

Look great on your non-wash days with our picks for the best dry shampoos for men. Stay good looking with these hair refreshing alternatives.
Two containers of Fellow Barber Texture Paste.

Hair products 101: Get all-day texture and hold with the best hair paste for men

The best hair paste for men give your hair volume and flexible hold. Use hair paste with many different men's hairstyles.
Brad Pitt

The 5 best purple shampoo options for men with blonde or gray hair

Treating brassy blonde or gray hair is easy when you rely on some basic color science. Here's our take on blue and purple (and red!) shampoos.
Jason Momoa with long hair and beard

The 7 most popular long hairstyles for men

Now that you’re part of an exclusive network of gentlemen with the long locks, here is a selection of hairstyles for you.
Young man eating salmon fillet with gratinated potatoes, leek and spinach in the restaurant with glass of white wine

The best foods to reduce gray hair and male pattern baldness, according to registered dietitians

No man wants to see his hair go gray, or worse - disappear completely. These foods fight gray hair and male pattern baldness.
Man drying his hair using a hair dryer

The best hair dryers for men to keep their manes in tiptop shape

We have the list of the best hair dryers for men featuring our top choices across various price points. Take your pick and keep your strands tamed.
A man reading a book

Men’s grooming: What the modern day man needs to know (from head to toe)

The days of the leathery-skinned cowboy are long gone, it's the time for masculine grooming. Here is your guide on looking your best under your clothes.
A graying man on a beach

Why does hair turn gray? We know why – and what to do about it

Is your hair turning gray? Wondering why does hair turn gray as you age? We know why, and what to do about it
Man with brunette hair standing in front of flowers.

​​Do hair growth products really work? An expert tells us

Vitamins for hair growth, rice water for hair growth, hair growth oil — there are so many products and techniques designed to grow more hair. An expert tells us if we should bother with them.
A woman sitting in the Sharper Image Revival Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

Ultimate relaxation: This massage chair is $3,700 off until tomorrow

Enjoy a fantastic massage with the Sharper Image Revival Zero Gravity Massage Chair while it's on sale at a substantial discount for today only.
Man washing hair in the shower.

The best shampoos for men for healthy and happy hair

Finding a shampoo suited for your hair type isn't easy. To help, we rounded up the best shampoos for men to keep your mane moisturized and clean.
Jason Statham

The 9 best beard styles for bald men: Follow these Hollywood leading men

Hollywood's leading men have been rocking beards and bald heads for years and you should, too. Here are the best to emulate.
Man waxing his mustache

Try these 10 best mustache waxes for better facial hair

From super-stiff styling wax to softer tamers of flyaways, we gathered all the best mustache waxes out there for men in 2023 and listed them down.
A surprised man holding his head.

Struggling with a receding hairline? How to fend off male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is inevitable for some, but it doesn't mean you have to give up. Here's how to hang on to hope — and your hairline — as long as possible.
Man with a buzz cut

There’s more than one type of buzz cut — 5 incredible ideas for your hair

Learn to love your hair with these 5 buzz cut styles for men.
Ft. Wayne - Circa August 2017: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer X

Costco has a secret online store, Costco Next, that any member can access – here’s how

Did you know Costco has a secret online store named Costco Next? It's true! Here's how to access it
Fritos Flow mullet man seated with Fritos

Fritos is giving out 1,000 free mullet haircuts in August to celebrate the USA Mullet Championships

Fritos, the snack that's basically just flour and lard, is giving away 1,000 mullets in August.
Drop fade hairstyle.

The 23 best drop fade hairstyle ideas for men

A drop fade hairstyle adds depth to your hair. Here are the best drop fade ideas to take to your barber.

Want to get rid of your unibrow for good? How to choose the right hair removal method for you

From shaving and waxing to laser and electrolysis, choosing the best facial hair removal technique comes down to your personal needs.
Short hairstyle for summer

Stay cool with these slick summer hairstyles for men

We asked master barbers Fred Holmes and Fellipe Cardoso for cuts that will ensure you look and stay cool while the mercury is high.
Man with long hair on a beach

Long hair for men: Expert tips for growing and maintaining your style

Every guy with long hair needs a little maintenance. This guide will help keep your long hair healthy.
Man spraying his hair

The 7 best sea salt sprays for men

If you can't make it to the beach, these sea salt sprays will help you achieve tousled surfer waves anywhere.
how to get surfer hair surferhair

How to get sick surfer hair without stepping foot in the ocean

How to get that surfer hair without actually surfing.
A man taking a shower in the bathtub.

The 15 best 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners to shorten your shower time

These best 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners will cut some time out of your shower routine without leaving you feeling like you missed a step.
man holding up hair that has fallen off

Can you actually regrow hair? The experts tell us the truth

Hair loss is jarring. Plenty of hair growth products promise to reverse the issue. Can they? Experts shared the truth about hair loss treatment for men.
what to tell your barber haircut advice man getting a at

The conversation you need to have with your barber before a haircut, according to stylists

Talking with your barber about what you're expecting from your haircut is essential
a man getting a haircut from tattoeed barber

Bad haircuts are the worst — 5 ways to deal and make the best of it

You got a bad haircut. Now what? Believe it or not, you have options. Here's exactly how to fix a bad haircut (and how to prevent one).
Man shaving against the grain.

Father’s Day gift guide: The best grooming products for dad

Our 2023 gift guide will keep your dad well groomed with these products, helping him feel the love this Father's Day.
Mac makeup set

8 LGBTQ-owned grooming brands you can support year-round

Lend your support to the queer community by checking out these LGBTQ-owned grooming brands. These companies champion inclusivity within the beauty community.