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BethAnn Mayer

BethAnn Mayer


Beth Ann's work has appeared on and In her spare time, you can find her running (either marathons or after her sons, Peter and Noah, and three furbabies).

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a bunch of serums in a row

Dull skin? Here’s how to liven it up

Does your skin appear to be graying? You may have dull skin, which can leave you looking and feeling less than your best. These tips will help.
greek yogurt with berries and granola

The best snacks for the Mediterranean diet: 9 healthy, tasty ideas

Mediterranean diet snacks meet the oft-recommended eating plans' standards and taste food. RDs shared their top recommendations.
healthy grilling ideas sweet potato fries and dips

Healthy grilling ideas: These foods will have you feeling great all summer long

These healthy grilling ideas will have you eating deliciously and nutritiously throughout BBQ season (and the football tailgates that follow).
a wide shop of a man running on the beach

What is zone 2 training anyway?

Zone 2 cardio is all the rage on social media and fitness apps. What is zone 2 training, and does the approach live up to the hype?
a man doing a plank on a yoga mat

Pilates is about more than just your core — try this full-body Pilates workout

Pilates isn't just a core workout, though your mid-section will be engaged the whole time. A full-body Pilates workout can help you build all-over strength.
a man getting into plank pose

7 exercises that target the deep core (and what that actually means)

Yes, the six-pack abs are a goal. However, the deep core is vital for day-to-day functioning and strength. Try these seven deep core exercises.
man putting serum on hand

What are peptides, and do you really need them in your skincare routine?

Using peptides for skin — from aging to hydration — is trending on TikTok. Should you be using this ingredient? Dermatologists shared the truth.
a cup of green tea on a cutting board

These are the best metabolism boosting foods to add to your diet

Are metabolism-boosting foods a thing? Sort of. An RD dished on what metabolism is, why it's important, and the role diet can play in it.
Washing hair in shower

How often should men wash their hair? Experts weigh in

Men should wash their hair once every one to three days, according to dermatologists. Here's how to determine where you and your hair are within that range.
Blueberries in a purple pitcher

A registered dietitian tells us the best foods to eat for an energy boost

Put down the fifth cup of coffee and reach for these foods that give you energy instead. Plus, an RD shares one energy-vampire ingredient.
man with white plush robe and cucumbers on his eyes

Cucumbers help get rid of puffiness, dark circles under eyes: Myth or fact?

If you have dark circles under the eyes, you may want to nix the issue. Cucumbers are a popular home spa treatment. Do they work for puffy and dark eyes?
A man sleeping on white bedding

Get more handsome in your sleep just by tweaking your nighttime skincare routine

Believe it or not, beauty sleep is a real thing. Start your day off right the night before with these nighttime skincare routine tips.
a man with a receeding hairline

What actually causes hair loss in men? Plus, the tips you need for thinning hair

Thinning hair isn't just due to age. Here are a few other reasons — some are preventable. Here's what to know about what causes hair loss.
green tea leaves in spoon and bag

Myth or fact: Can tea bags really help with puffy eyes?

A dermatologist spilled the tea on whether tea bags can really help people nix puffy eyes, and provided tips for safe application.
a man doing a side plank

These 7 yoga moves are an effective arm and shoulder workout

Want a mean arm and shoulder workout? Don't discount yoga — seriously. These yoga poses will leave you feeling longer and stronger.
man looking into a mirror with teal paint

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes once and for all

Have dark circles under eyes? You might be able to nix them with a few simple lifestyle tweaks. Here's what to know.
a vaseline lip product on a greenscreen backdrop

Is Vaseline the Swiss army knife your skincare routine needs? What derms have to say

Can Vaseline help with chapped lips, dry skin, and other skincare concerns? Dermatologists discussed the TikTok-favorite product.
a man in plank pose outside

This simple calisthenics workout will build arm strength, and fast

Looking for the best arm workouts? Consider giving calisthenics a try as part of your upper-body regimen. Bodyweight exercises can help you tone up.
Olive oil poured into a bowl

Should you put olive oil on your skin? Derms sound off

Consuming olive oil, a healthy fat, may help with skin health. But should you apply it to your skin? Here's what derms have to say.
a plate of salmon on dark backdrop

Will omega 3s actually help hair, skin, and nails?

Omega-3s are hailed as healthy fats and part of the Mediterranean diet. But can they help with hair, skin and nail growth?
coconut with a hole

Is coconut oil actually good for your skin?

Feeling the pain of winter-induced dry skin? Have chronically dry skin? Coconut oil may help. Here's what to know.
bowls of green food

Weight loss tips: How to recover from a diet slip-up, according to experts

You vowed to eat better in 2024, but it's not even the end of January, and you found yourself slipping up. Experts offer their weight loss and diet advice.
spinach and avocado on toast

How to lose weight: Eat these foods that help you feel fuller longer

Weight loss doesn't mean starving yourself. You just have to eat the right foods.
two people doing lunges outside

Experts reveal how to find a workout you will actually stick to this year

The key to a a solid workout routine is finding something you enjoy, but how? Trainers shared top tips to help you nail your goals.
a close up of a man's eyes

Skincare tips: How to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and more

Everyone gets wrinkles and fine lines as they age. These are the skincare tips you need to fight them.
a close up of a man's eyes

How to get rid of bags under eyes: The simple tricks you can do at home

With a few choice lifestyle changes, you can finally get rid of those under eye bags.
a man in a therapy room

Will the ‘shadow work’ TikTok trend dominate 2024?

What is shadow work? Your guide to one of the biggest mental health trends.
a man using essential oil

Does jojoba oil really help with hair growth?

Is jojoba oil the answer to hair thinning and hair growth issues? We investigate.
Airplane in a blue sky

You’re planning trips all wrong – the best hack for the cheapest flights

Travel planning and want to score the cheapest flights? You'll want to read about these unconventional but effective approaches first.
A hamburger on a wooden table

Don’t ruin your skincare routine by eating these 15 foods

Is your diet bad for skin health? Here's what to know about foods and skin health, including clearing up some rumors about diet and acne.
Happy handsome bearded man is using his smart phone while he preparing vegan healthy breakfast for a lovely family

10 apps to help you meal plan and stay on track with your diet in 2024

Food apps can help people with meal plans, which research shows can lead to healthier food choices. These are the best.
Man doing yoga on deck

Is the key to weight loss a great mindfulness routine? Here’s what doctors and therapists say

Can a great mindfulness routine lead to weight loss? We spoke to doctors and therapists to find out
Man in a pushup posiiton

Build strength and look chiseled with these chest workouts for men

Make your pecs pop this with these best chest workouts, guaranteed to help you accomplish the hardest of daily tasks with ease.
white skincare products

These are the skincare changes all men should make ASAP

Skincare is important, and men should be doing these things daily – starting now
A man doing a crunch by a pool

Calisthenics for beginners: Workouts you can do anywhere

Calisthenics is a body-weight exercise routine you can do anywhere. Why it's great, and some excellent exercises for beginners
winter squash flat lay with warm beverage

Winter squash — why RDs love it (and their favorite ways to eat it)

An RD tells us why winter squash is incredible, and we give some advice on the best ways to enjoy it
baked sugar cookies for the holidays

A registered dietitian reveals the ingredient swaps that will keep your favorite Christmas cookies from ruining your weight loss goals

There's nothing wrong with holiday favorites, but these baking substitutes will let you eat those Christmas cookies while maintaining weight loss goals.
chestnuts in a person's hands

Chestnuts are a fall and winter favorite, and an RD tells us why you should be eating as many as you can

Should you be eating more chestnuts? A registered dietician says yes - here's why
peppermint tea with chocolate

Is peppermint good for you? An expert weighs in on this holiday season favorite

Peppermint is commonly found in holiday cookies and, of course, candy canes. Is it good for you? An expert weighs in.
Man standing in cold with scarf. and hair blowing in wind

Your complete guide to hair and scalp care in winter

Breakage, flaking, and more can do a frightful number on hair. If you're having cold feelings toward your cold-weather mane, you'll want to consider these tips.
chicken on a spinach salad

Is protein the key to better hair, skin, and nails? Experts weigh in

Is eating protein an essential piece of your skincare routine? What about nail and hair care? Experts say yes to all three.
Skincare products on a counter

The best nighttime skincare routine for men, according to experts

Follow these nighttime skincare routine steps for men, backed by experts, to feel rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning.
a man in a baseball cap taking a deep breath looking at the sky

Eliminate holiday season stress with these simple mindfulness strategies

The holidays can feel like anything but the most wonderful time of the year. But with these mindfulness tips, your holiday stress will melt away.
a bird's eye view of a dinner table

How to lose belly fat: Thanksgiving food swaps that won’t derail your fitness goals

Belly fat can be a big problem in the holiday season. These Thanksgiving dishes and recipe substitutes will help you stay trim.
A blue bowl of cranberries

Cranberries are great for your health: RDs reveal how to add them to your diet this winter

Cranberries are festive in the winter, but are they healthy? Registered dietitians shared the benefits of cranberries and ways to enjoy them.
Man tying his sneakers outside

How to tie your shoes and make any pair in your closet slip-on shoes

Turn your sneakers into the coolest pair of men's slip-on shoes with these genius YouTube ideas. You'll be out the door — quickly and stylishly.
three bottles of skincare products

Body butter: Is this the secret winter skincare solution you’re not considering?

Winter brings dry skin and discomfort to many. Body butter might be the solution.
a plate of salmon with red garnish and limes in background

What your anti-inflammatory diet is missing, according to registered dietitians

An RD explains which foods are best for your anti-inflammatory diet, and why you should eat them regularly.
Pieces of dark chocolate bars

Stay fit this Halloween: An RD tells us which treats will help you avoid the dreaded holiday-season weight gain

Halloween treats don't have to be delicious, diet-ruining candies! An RD tells us which treats you should (and shouldn't) eat during Hallowwen
Pumpkin coffee by a computer

Is your pumpkin spice latte actually healthy? An expert weighs in on the fall favorite

From the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte to fan-favorite pumpkin spice cookies and cakes, it's hard to escape the flavor. Is pumpkin spice nice for the body?