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Want to know how to get the gains you want? Need to know which gyms are best? We’ve got everything you need to know!

a close up of a shirtless man running outside

Working out on keto: Maximize your fitness plan with this handy guide

Here's what you should know about working out on keto, including the best exercises and top tips
a wide shop of a man running on the beach

How to run faster and longer to make the most of your workout

goblet squats

How to do a goblet squat: Your complete guide

man wearing shorts no shirt working out exercising on bars calisthenics

The 28-day calisthenics challenge: A complete guide

Man doing leg press.

How to do a leg press: Everything you need to know

Man running

Sound therapy to improve your workouts: does it really work?

Centr resistance bands

Anyone can do Chris Hemsworth’s 15-minute resistance band workout

a wide shop of a man running on the beach

What is zone 2 training anyway?

a man doing a plank on a yoga mat

Pilates is about more than just your core — try this full-body Pilates workout

Man doing skull crushers.

How to do skull crushers the right way: The do’s and don’ts you need to know

Concept 2 erg rowing machine.

The essential rowing machine workouts guide: Tips, workout plan, and more

Man doing lateral raises.

How to do lateral raises the right way

Man with blue resistance band

5 effective resistance band exercises for developed hamstrings

Strong hamstrings are key for performing everyday movements. Learn about five different effective exercises to try that only require resistance bands.
Person standing on asphalt holding a dumbbell in each hand.

Are you doing hammer curls the right way? Your complete guide

Once you perfect your hammer curl form, they're perfect to add to your upper body routine. Here's how you can achieve the perfect hammer curl form in no time.
a man getting into plank pose

7 exercises that target the deep core (and what that actually means)

Yes, the six-pack abs are a goal. However, the deep core is vital for day-to-day functioning and strength. Try these seven deep core exercises.
A man in black sleeveless top doing pull ups with a bar at a park.

This is the best pull day workout routine for size and strength

From deadlifts to pull-ups and lat pulldowns, we've found the best pull day workout routine for size and strength
man on treadmill

3 amazing steady-state cardio exercises to work into your fitness routine

Unlike other forms of cardio that have lots of variation in intensity, steady state cardio maintains a similar intensity throughout the duration of the workout.
resistance band back exercises young man exercising with elastic on orange background  view

5 effective resistance band back exercises to add to your workout

Discover five different exercises that will help you build a strong and broad back that only require a resistance band.
Man doing sprints.

Does sprinting build muscle? 3 effective workouts to try

Discover how sprinting could help you build muscle, the muscle groups that it targets, and some essential tips for maximizing results.
Man running outside.

How to train for a 5K: What you need to know

Discover how to eat and train for your first 5k race, as well as how fast the average person completes it.
Male athlete drinking protein shake while sitting in gym.

Weight training tips: This is what — and when — you should be eating

Learn what foods both pre- and post-workout will help you lift the most, have plenty of energy, and see results faster.
man on treadmill

What’s the point of working out in a hoodie? We explain

We'll break down the truth behind working out in a hoodie to help you determine if it's worth the challenge or a hard pass.
push press exercise man lifting weight over head in gym

Should you do cardio before or after weights? The answer depends on your goals

Each of these varieties of workout equipment offers unique benefits and can each be incorporated into a balanced fitness routine. But which should you do first?
Man doing pull-ups on silver bar in gym shirtless wearing gloves

6 essential exercises that will help you get better at pull ups

Here are the best 6 exercises to help you get better at pull-ups
Man doing lat pull-downs in the gym

Combining running and lifting: Your guide to hybrid training

Learn the benefits of both running and lifting, as well as how combining the two could improve your strength, endurance, and stamina.
Man doiung deadlifts for strong glutes

10 essential exercises for men to build their glutes

Learn the best glute exercises for men for a strong butt, including exercises you can do at home.
Person in black sneakers walking on the street

When is the best time of day to walk? After this activity

Even short walks after eating a meal can help to improve digestion, balance blood sugar levels, and so much more.
Man Doing Bridge Exercise with Resistance Band

5 incredible resistance band exercises for stronger glutes

Discover five different exercises that you can do anywhere to build your glutes. Best part is that you only need resistance bands.
Man doing squats with a weight

This is the average squat weight for men (and what you can do to improve)

Learn how much the average man should be able to squat based on weight and experience.
man wearing black shirt laying on bench in gym lifting weights

This is the best push day workout routine for size and strength

We've listed the most effective pushing exercises for your push day workout routine to maximize muscle growth and strength
Man doing curls

Why strength training should be an essential part of your gym routine

Strength training does more than give you strong, well-defined muscles. Find the benefits of strength training here.
a bearded man doing a biceps curl

Why you should incorporate static holding exercises into your workout

In this static hold exercise guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about static holding exercises and incorporating them into your routine.
Shirtless man exercising at home

Working out at a gym is overrated: The best at-home workout equipment for men

Why pay for the gym when working out from home is just as good? All you need is a few key at-home workout equipment pieces to get yourself into shape.
c4 pre workout powder new release rebrand boss hero 1

C4 pre-workout powders have new formulas — why they’re celeb trainer Ron ‘Boss’ Everline’s ‘go-to’

C4 has released a new pre workout that could take your fitness abilities to the next level. Learn everything Ron "Boss" Everline has to say about it.
Man putting on boxing gloves

Boxing at home: How to set yourself up for success in your home gym

Boxing can be a very effective workout for building muscle and improving cardiovascular fitness. Learn what equipment to have at home to maximize your results.
Fit muscular sports man doing bicep curl exercise with resistance band in the open air

5 fantastic resistance band moves for bulging biceps

Discover five different effective bicep exercises that only require resistance bands for you to see results.
man doing skincare

A new study suggests the secret to your skincare routine is… strength training?

Strength training could actually be more effective in reducing signs of aging than cardio, especially for your skin.
Man running on street by a body of water.

7 benefits of outdoor workouts on athletic performance

Gyms are a great place to stay fit and active, but moving your exercise outdoors also helps boost your vitamin D levels, improve your mood, and more!
Man squatting down with pre-workout supplement

Are pre-workout supplements safe? (Plus, more of your questions answered)

Pre-workout supplements may give you the boost you need to crush your workout and get the most out of them. Find out more here.
Resistance band.

5 effective resistance band exercises to target your chest

Discover how to build your chest with only resistance bands by incorporating these five exercises into your routine.
Man eating before a workout

The best pre-workout meals – everything you need to know

If you're prepping for a big workout, what you eat matters. Try these pre-workout meals before your next workout.
Man doing dumbbell rows.

More reps or more weight: Which is actually better for your fitness goals?

Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, or give your athletic performance a boost, figuring out the best weight and reps to use is vital.
Man stretching his hamstrings

5 fantastic dumbbell hamstring exercises to take your gains to the next level

Discover five different exercises that only require dumbbells to strengthen your hamstrings and take them to the next level.
Man doing alternating forward lunges in front of a laptop at home.

8 best at-home HIIT exercises to help you get ripped

Kick into shape and/or get ripped with these easy-to-do HIIT exercises.
Bodybuilder doing shoulder press

The 13 best shoulder workouts for an outstanding upper body

Build bulletproof shoulders that are strong and healthy and that make fitting into shirts a challenge by doing these 8 best shoulder exercises.
A close-up of a male athlete's quad muscles.

Do these quad exercises to build leg size and strength

The legs are the foundation of fitness, so start your leg day right with the best quad exercises to help build mass, strength, and power.
Man wearing shorts holding weight doing a seated side twist on an exercise mat in the gym

Effective core workouts: 4 seated ab exercises better than sit-ups

These 4 seated ab exercises are better than sit ups for strengthening your core
Clarence Hairston

How to do a perfect pushup every time, according to a pro trainer

The pushup isn't just a body weight exercise, according to trainer Clarence Hairston. Learn how to do a pushup with his expert tricks.
Pvolve workout mat.

Pvolve is the best new way to feel the burn (and no, it’s not just for women)

Pvolve has a lot going for it. See if the new fitness platform is right for you.
Pair of dumbbells and a resistance band with handles.

Resistance bands vs weights: Which are better for building muscle?

Discover whether using resistance bands or weights will help you hit your muscle growth goals more efficiently.



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