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These are the best crew cut haircuts for summer

Get the easiest haircut to maintain this summer

Tom Cruise Crew Cut
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Now that the 1990s are back, we are starting to explore some of the fashion trends of the decade that brought us the rise of the flannel and the brightly colored neons and fluorescents. Of course, clothing is just the start. Accessories, shoes, and even entertainment are beginning to reach back into the 90s vault. Hair is another place where we as a society are looking backward to the 90s for inspiration. That means it is time to reexamine the crew cut and whether or not it is the right cut for you.

Like many things in men’s style, the crew cut can be traced back to both the military and the Ivy League campuses. The name itself refers to the cut the members of a crew team received when they needed to keep their hair short and out of their faces to streamline their race through the water. It is also the cut that recruits receive when they sign over their lives to Uncle Sam and the United States military. Short, simple, and perfect for the summer, these are the best crew cuts for you to try in 2024.

Even crew

Even crew
Cotton Bro Studio / Pexels

The even crew is the most popular of the crew cuts as it is the easiest to achieve at home all by yourself. Uniform length front to back and top to bottom: this is masculine and attractive. The hardest part of pulling this look off is simply getting used to it. Many people in your life will look aghast at the new look, but it will quickly become a favorite among your circle.

Because it is a uniform length, you can use your clippers to find the length you want and then shear every lock of your hair all over your head. Just because you are keeping it short, though, doesn’t mean you don’t need to use a razor to clean the back and sides, so if your wallet allows, still have a stylist do it. Sure, you are going to look like Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but you also aren’t going to have to spend more time in front of the mirror to achieve the look. Just get up and go.

High and tight

high and tight
Ron Lach / Pexels

Remember when we said you can trace it back to the military? The high and tight is an example of the military’s evolution of the crew cut. After leaving basic training, many service members look for a way to regain some of that individuality while staying within military regulation. This hairstyle is the result of that evolution.

The back and sides stay the same, short and easily maintained. However, the top of the head gets a little more length and balances the face a little better. This effect on the wearer is why the Marines got the nickname “Jarheads.” The shape resembles a jar on the bottom and a threaded piece on top. Even though there is some length on the top, this style is still a little more manageable and won’t require much, if any, styling in the morning.


Textured crew
Thgusstavo Santana / Pexels

Want even more personality? Then, adding a little texture to the crew cut is a great way to elevate one of the most basic looks in men’s hair. This square cut adds a slimming effect to your face and can work well for guys with a rounder face shape. There is a little more maintenance with this look because it is a very specific style.

When asking for the textured look, your barber should cut the hair twice the length of the sides and back and then cut it into the top to create a textured effect. You can use a matte paste to style it and keep it in place, but remember, the entire idea of this look is to be disheveled. Too much structure, and it just looks like your hair is uneven.

Swept over

Swept Crew
Matheus Bertelli / Pexels

Finally, the swept-over is the marriage between the crew cut and the longer hairstyles. The sides and the back are the same length as the other crews, but the top is approximately three times the length. The idea is to be able to style this look by pushing the longer hair to the side. If you are unsure about crew cuts, this is the best one to start with.

The thing to keep in mind with the swept-over is that you want just enough length to push it to the side. If you have too much, then you start to get into undercut territory, and it is no longer a crew cut. Use a matte paste to keep it in place, but remember that ease is the goal with a crew, and you should be able to run your fingers through it all day long.

It is getting to be too hot for those long-flowing locks. The Thor look is out as Memorial Day approaches, so book your spot now with your barber or stylist and ask them for one of these crew cuts.

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