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Regis St. Louis

Regis St. Louis

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Regis St. Louis is an author and freelance journalist who covered travel, world culture, food and drink, and sustainable development. He grew up in a small town in the American Midwest — the kind of place that fuels big dreams of travel — and he developed an early fascination with world literature. He spent his formative years learning Russian and a handful of Romance languages, which served him well on journeys across much of the globe. Regis has contributed to more than 100 Lonely Planet titles, covering destinations across six continents. He has also written for the BBC, the Telegraph, Airbnb magazine, and many other publications. When not on the road, he lives in New Orleans. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Regis’ work.

Homemade pisco sour cocktail with lime and bitters

Here’s our perfect Pisco Sour recipe

The pisco sour that's claimed as a national drink by two nations has fascinated cocktail lovers for decades. Find out why and try whipping up your own.
Earthquake cocktail

How to make the Earthquake cocktail in just 4 simple steps

A favorite of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the Earthquake is a brilliant cocktail that can make evening parties end with a bang. Here's our no-fail recipe.
Garibaldi cocktail

How to make the Garibaldi, the world’s most complicated 2-Ingredient cocktail

The classic 2-ingredient Garibaldi embodies the perfect warm-weather cocktail: Sweet, refreshing, and easy to drink. Here's how to make it.
Big camping green backpack and yellow tent in the mountains.

How to pack a tent in a backpack: A pro guide for beginners in 6 easy steps

When you’re out for an overnight hike in the wilderness, you want to be amply prepared for the experience. Here's a guide for how to pack a tent in a backpack.

How to make a caipirinha, a perfect day drink

Brazilians are a diverse bunch, but one thing they all definitely agree on is that the caipirinha is the most appropriate cocktail for bright celebrations.
Puerto Vallarta Beach, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide: Where To Stay, What To Eat, and More

Puerto Vallarta has beautiful beaches, a thriving culinary scene, and great nightlife. If you plan to book a trip, here are a few reasons to book a getaway.
sarasota travel guide best luxury stay  ritz carlton

Sarasota Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More

Discover the stunning locations tucked within the small beach town of Sarasota, Florida with our travel guide. You can find the best places to stay and unwind.
Shoreside of Curaco.

Curaçao Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More

The tiny tropical nation may be small in size, but it has an array of outstanding attractions. These are the best ways to explore Curacao.
Wide shot of Centennial Park in Atlanta.

Atlanta Travel Guide: Where To Stay, What To Eat, and More

Atlanta is a city with grand views and attractions. So, if you're planning on taking a vacation here, here's a guide on where to stay, what to eat, and more.
The University of Maine is a public research university located in Orono, Maine, United States.

How To Travel Maine Like Stephen King

Experience traveling like the undisputed master of horror Stephen King by heading to Maine and visiting one or all of these fascinating destinations.
rosewood dc luxury townhouses news hotel washington  d c

Washington, DC Travel Guide: Where To Stay, What To Eat, and More

Our travel guide lets you explore the nooks and crannies of Washington, DC— a dynamic capital that is home to one of the best museums and monuments in the US.
A man preparing to pitch his tent on a mountain.

How To Set Up a Tent Like an Expert Camper This Summer

Resting securely in a well-pitched tent is every outdoorsman's goal. Here, we'll show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a tent like an expert camper.
the vancouver cocktail recipe  reviving a vintage classic featured image

How To Make the Vancouver Cocktail: Reviving a Vintage Classic

As a cocktail that almost got lost in time, The Vancouver is making waves with its sweet combination of gin, Bénédictine, sweet vermouth, and orange bitters.
travel guide indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Travel Guide: Rediscovering the City at the Crossroads

There’s a lot more to this city than just auto racing and sports. These are the best places to stay and things to do in Indianapolis.
Rear view of a young man with backpack walking on Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA

The 20 Best Places in the U.S. You Need To Visit Now

Any 'best' list of the US could run into the hundreds, but we’ve undertaken the unenviable task of whittling down the selections to our favorite 20 places.
austin texas travel guide skyline during golden hour

Austin, Texas Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More

Austin likes to call itself the 'live music capital of the world,' but there's more to it than music. Here's an Austin, Texas travel guide for your next visit.
how to make a bloody caesar canadian drink  made with vodka hot sauce and worcestershire served ice in celery glass salted ri

How to Make a Bloody Caesar, a Classic Canadian Cocktail

Always wanted to try a Bloody cocktail with a twist? Make Canada's favorite cocktail, the Bloody Caesar, at home and indulge yourself in this spicy drink.
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The 10 Best Theme Parks in America You Can Visit Right Now

Home to over 400 theme parks, the U.S. offers some dizzying choices when it comes to high-octane amusement. Here's a rundown of our top 10 favorite parks.
hiking the knife edge trail

What It’s Like Hiking the Knife Edge Trail to the Highest Peak in Maine

One hard ascent to Mount Katahdin's peak is through the 1.1-mile corridor known as the Knife Edge Trail. How long would it take to reach the summit? Find out.
acadia national park guide an adventurers to getting around

An Adventurer’s Guide to Getting Around Acadia National Park 

Whether you're swimming in Echo Lake or visiting island attractions, Acadia National Park is always ripe for adventure!
boundary waters minnesota guide an adventurers to cruising the

An Adventurer’s Guide to Cruising the Boundary Waters, Minnesota

With its pristine landscapes and diverse fauna, the Boundary Waters can unlock a host of spectacular outdoor adventures, from stargazing to canoeing.
best car free us destinations key west bicycle parked on duval street travel usa

5 Commuter-Friendly Vacation Spots That Don’t Require a Car

The rental car apocalypse is upon us. Gone are the pre-pandemic days when you could book a vehicle at the last minute and still be assured of scoring a deal.
hideaway co glamping destination the best experience

America’s New Luxury Camping Experience Really Puts the ‘Glam’ In Glamping

Experience camping, and the allure of the outdoors without having to forego luxury amenities at the best glamping on the East Coast.
bamboo cocktail recipe boozy refreshing

How To Make the Perfect Bamboo Cocktail, a Timeless Sherry Drink

A late 19th-century classic, the Bamboo cocktail embodies a deliciously delicate balance of sherry and vermouth, making it an ideal aperitif for every season.
great smoky mountains guide the ultimate to

An Outdoor Man’s Guide to Exploring the Great Smoky Mountains

With our travel guide, you can enjoy everything the Smokies have to offer — even if over a million people visit the picturesque national park.
sazerac recipe new orleans in a glass  stirring up seductive

New Orleans in a Glass: Stirring Up a Seductive Sazerac

With Sazerac's history dating back to the 1800s, you can now immerse yourself in 19th-century New Orleans with our seductive, yet easy-to-follow recipe.