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Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Steven Johnson is a chef-turned-content strategist. He now helps companies attract and retain more customers through content creation and strategy. Although he traded his knives for a laptop, his passion still lies in food. You can find him in Detroit whipping up daily home-cooked meals for his wife and daughter. He also loves lakes, bourbon, and hiking — not necessarily in that order. He contributes to online publications like and The Manual.

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Cooking potatoes and carrot sticks with spices in an air fryer

11 best air fryer recipes for everyone to try – from appetizers to desserts

Got a brand-new air fryer (finally) but sick of cooking bagged French fries? Check out these creative air fryer recipes.
Various healthy foods on a table

20 delicious appetizer recipes to cook for your next dinner party

Want an appetizer that will knock the socks of your party guests? These app recipes go beyond chips and dip.
Ducks in the Pig Pen

The 11 best grill and smoker recipes to make now

Whether you prefer gas, charcoal, or pellets, we've gathered a few mouthwatering grill recipes for you to make at home.
Pork carnitas tacos

How to make the perfect carnitas, according to a chef

Carnitas are the go-to Mexican filler for tacos, burritos, and everything in between. Check out how to make carnitas to perfection.
A person cutting up tomatoes for a healthy meal

The 10 best brunch recipes for restaurant-quality meals at home

Brunch season is here! Check out these 10 recipes from chefs and other food pros to make your own brunch at home.
Eggs Benedict from Hash Kitchen

How to make a buttery hollandaise sauce like a professional chef

Hollandaise can be an unforgiving sauce to make. Check out how to make the perfect hollandaise sauce according to Chef Joey Maggiore.
Beef stew

How to make the perfect beef stew, according to a master chef

Here's how to make the perfect comfort food for those cold spring nights.
A biker drinking an electrolyte beverage from his water bottle while cycling on the street.

Get your hydration on with the 9 best electrolyte drinks

Drinking electrolyte drinks can aid in recovery and hydration. We scoured the internet looking for the best electrolyte drinks for your next workout or game.
Man preparing a breakfast smoothie in the kitchen

How to make a nutritious smoothie you’ll actually want to drink

Making the perfect smoothie is harder than you think! We reached out to former chef to the pros, Joshua Ingraham, to tell us how.
A hand holding a vacuum-sealed bag containing meat on a tray with a sous vide machine.

How to properly and accurately sous vide steak

You've bought the fancy sous vide device and the expensive steak, here's how to cook it perfectly.
Porter road cuts of meat picahna

The 9 best lesser-known cuts of beef for grilling anytime – flank, tri-tip, and more

Do you consider yourself a grill master? If so, you should be familiar with these nine lesser-known cuts of beef for grilling.
is peanut butter healthy close up of on bread

Is peanut butter healthy? All your questions answered about this popular pantry staple

Being a pantry staple in many homes, you might question the healthiness of peanut butter. Fret not as we will address some of the common concerns about it.
Marinated chicken legs in a baking dish with steamed broccoli and roasted potatoes

12 tasty marinades to flavor up your beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and veggies

Tired of paying money for boring bottled marinades? Check out these great marinade recipes for your meat, veggies, and anything else.
shepherds pie recipe untitled  14

How to make the perfect shepherd’s pie, according to a cookbook author

If you're looking for the perfect, comforting recipe — look no more. Colcannon Shepherd's Pie is the perfect comfort food for a chilly Winter or Spring night.
healthiest microwavable meals orange mango chicken

Save time and eat smart: 9 of the healthiest microwavable meals in 2023

These healthy microwavable meals are lower-calorie, more nutritious, quick, and cheap.
Instant Vortex oven air fryer.

9 Best Air Fryers With Rotisserie of 2022

There are several models of air fryers on the market, but these are the best ones that have a rotisserie option.
Veggies and meat on a gril.l

The 8 Best Grills and Smokers for 2022

Figuring out which grill is best for you can be tough. That's why we've rustled up the best grills to buy this 2022 based on your preferences.
Uncommon Green Maps Glass featuring map of Anchorage, Alaska.

12 Best Whiskey Glasses to Elevate Your Drinking Experience

Great whiskey requires a great glass. Find the glass that's right for you from our round up of the top whiskey glasses for 2022.
best charcoal grills barbecue on the grill  autumn

The 9 Best Charcoal Grills for Perfect Cookouts this Summer

Exhibiting immense patience and effort when using the best charcoal grills for 2021 will definitely reward grill masters with smoky yet juicy slabs of meat.
Musui Kamado on the counter.

Musui–Kamado: Multi-Function Cooking Meets Precision Design

The Vermicular Musui–Kamado combines beautiful craftmanship and multi-functional cooking.
A bottle of Air Company Vodka.

This Company is Reaching Net-Zero With CO2-Based Products

Air Company is a carbon-negative company founded with the goal of reaching net-zero through Co2-based products.
Herd of Cows

3 Things to Look For in Emerging Sustainable Food Brands

How do we know if a food brand is really sustainable? Paul Lightfoot of the Negative Foods Newsletter says what to look for in emerging sustainable food brands.
A couple lying on an Avocado Vegan Latex mattress.

A Complete Guide to All-Natural Latex Mattresses

To ensure that your new mattress is crafted from 100% pure latex, be sure to check out this comprehensive guide on all-natural latex mattresses.
A Finch mattress on a bedframe beside a lamp, bedside table, potted plants, and mirror.

My Thoughts on the Finch Natural Latex Mattress From Nest

We had the chance to try out the Finch all-natural latex mattress from Nest Bedding. Here are our thoughts.
Feta lamb meatballs with creamy sauce.

9 of the Best Meatball Recipes from Apps to Entrees

What's not to love about meatballs? Here are nine creative meatball recipes to spice things up.
Otto Becker and Eduardo Umaña sitting on the stairs.

Quintal Coffee’s Mission to Deliver the Freshest Cup of Joe

Quintal Coffee roasts its coffee at the origin then delivers it to your doorstep for the freshest cup of coffee possible.
Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress scene.

My Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Hybrid Mattress Review

We got a chance to try out the Sedona hybrid mattress by Brooklyn Bedding and review the critical things you need to know before buying. Here's what we thought.
Chocolate Strawberries

The Best Chocolate-Covered Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

Need for something for your sweetie this Valentine's Day? Why not get chocolate-covered strawberries from these great places specializing in everything sweet?
couple home date night wine

8 Valentine’s Day Meal Kit Specials Delivered to Your Door

Planning a cozy homecooked meal for Valentine's Day? Check out these meal kit delivery specials.
best gas grills man using a grill in his backyard

10 Best Gas Grills to Get Cooking With in 2022

If you like to taste the meat and not the heat when grilling, check out our picks for the best gas grills to buy in 2022.

The 10 Best Chef’s Knife for Every Type of Cook

Food prepping is a lot more efficient with a great and sharp knife on hand. It's about time to upgrade your kitchen with these high-quality chef knives.
best lobster recipes roll

11 Delectable Lobster Recipes That Aren’t Just Dipped in Butter

Lobster is one of the most coveted crustaceans out there. If you're looking for some amazing lobster recipes, we've got them.
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The Best Tea Kettles to Buy in 2022

If you're interested in heating your water the old-fashioned way, check out this roundup of the best tea kettles in 2022.
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The 8 Best Slow Cookers for 2022, Reviewed

We break down the market to outline the best slow cookers for the modern man, from single guy-sized crockpots to ones big enough to feed a football team.
Trifecta vegan pasta meal.

9 Best Vegan Meal Kit Services

Here are the best vegan meal kits to subscribe to in 2022. Whether you live a fully vegan lifestyle or just dabble in it, these will surely impress you.
Mid section of young couple preparing fish at kitchen counter.

The 8 Best Nonstick Pans That Every Home Chef Must Buy in 2022

Don't get stuck trying to choose the right pan. The Manual has a rundown of the best nonstick pans in 2022 and the things to consider before buying one.
best cornbread mixes cornmeal mix in a stainless steel bowl with wire whisk

The 9 Best Cornbread Mixes on the Market Right Now

If you’re following a special diet or want a healthier option, there are plenty of cornbread mixes that fit every dietary preference on the market.
Chamomile tea.

The 10 Best Chamomile Teas for Completing Your Morning or Bedtime Routine

Incorporate these best chamomile teas into your daytime or bedtime routine and watch your health improve with every cup this 2022.
best bento boxes 2021

The 6 Best Bento Boxes to Take for Lunch in 2022

Organizing your meal for the day is fun, so take this time to prettify your lunch with our roundup of the best bento boxes.
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8 Best Orange Juice Brands to Buy

Orange juice will always be the king of juices. Check out our top picks for the best orange juice brands that you can buy right now.
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The 9 Best Electric Skillets and Frying Pans for Fall 2022

Electric skillets are nothing new. But whether you need more cooking areas in your kitchen or don't have a kitchen, these 9 electric skillets won't disappoint.
best vanilla extracts children baking

The 10 Best Vanilla Extracts To Buy Now

Trying a new brand is intimidating if it means spending money on something you don't like but trust us — real vanilla is so much better than artificial flavoring.
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The 8 Best Lunchboxes for Adults to Purchase in 2022

Who says you only need to prepare lunch for kids? Adult lunchboxes are all the rage and make you enjoy homemade meals wherever you go. Here are our favorites.
cutwater spirits making of a bloody mary

The 12 Best Bloody Mary Mixes in 2022, Reviewed

A Bloody Mary is the key to an easy morning-after when you're too hungover. Here are our top picks for the best brands of Bloody Mary mix to try out this 2022.
Woman cooking a whole turkey in air fryer oven.

10 Best Large Air Fryers in 2022

Are you looking to replace one or more small appliances with a large, multifunctional air fryer? Check out out these large air fryers to buy in 2022.
Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker on kitchen counter.

The 9 Best Keurig Coffee Makers in 2022

If you're a fan of the Keurig coffee maker, here are some top brands to buy.
Foods high in antioxidants

Here’s an Introduction to Sustainable Eating

Sustainable eating isn't always as easy as it seems. Here's a guide to sustainable eating to help you out.

10 Best Gifts for Your Best Friend They Will Love

Your best bud deserves a good gift this year, here are ten great ones to choose from.
Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio.

Chef Tom Colicchio and Holy Grail Partner on Holiday Roasts

Sick of having to buy a sub-par roast for the holidays, then burning it anyway? Chef Tom Colicchio and Holy Grail Steak Co are here to help.
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The 11 Best Gifts for Your Wife We’re Sure She’ll Enjoy

Shopping for your better half can be stressful. Check out our best gifts for your wife in our 2022 roundup.