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Christopher Osburn

Christopher Osburn


Christopher Osburn is a food and drinks writer located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. He's been writing professionally for almost twenty years. In that time, he has traveled all over the world from San Diego to Sydney in search of mouthwatering food, frosty beer, exciting cocktails, and complex whiskeys and other spirits. He has the pictures to prove it.

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Mezcal vs. tequila: What’s the difference?

Before we dive in too deep, you should remember one key phrase. All tequila is mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila.
Wolves Whiskey

Wolves Whiskey, Undefeated’s new collab has an American Single Malt not to be missed

This is a collaboration between Wolves, a luxury California-based whiskey brand known for its single malts, and UNDEFEATED, a well-known sportswear brand.

Our favorite bourbon cocktails for summer (it’s not just a cold-weather drink)

While clear spirits get most of the love during the warmer months, if you’re letting your bourbon bottles collect dust, you’re really missing out.
Lagavulin offerman

Nick Offerman, Lagavulin debut 11-year-old Scotch whisky finished in rum casks

Nick Offerman has been collaborating with Lagavulin to release a limited-edition expression of the popular peated whisky for the last few years.

Basil Hayden brought back a popular limited edition bourbon — where you can get it

As the name Subtle Smoke would suggest, this isn’t a robust, campfire whiskey as you’d find from Scotch whisky makers like Lagavulin, Laphroaig, and Ardbeg.

How to make the Aviation cocktail, a drink almost lost to history

But there's one drink in particular that disappeared for decades and almost didn't come back at all. We're talking about the Aviation.

The best Belgian beers you can find everywhere

We’re turning our attention to one of the most popular beer destinations not just in Europe, but in the world. We’re talking about Belgium.
Whiskey in a glass on a table

Rye whiskey vs bourbon: The differences explained

When it comes to whiskey, there aren’t any as American as bourbon and rye whiskey. They’re like apple pie and the designated hitter.
Midleton Whiskey

Midleton releases its oldest whiskey to date — here’s how much it costs

Referred to as Chapter Five, this single-pot still whiskey isn’t the type of expression you’ll grab at your local liquor store.
Two whiskey glasses

Copperworks releases 3 new whiskeys, and they’re outstanding

We were very interested to hear that the distillery was releasing not one, not two, but three new single malt whiskeys.
Tequila shot with salt

The best añejo tequilas to prepare for Cinco de Mayo

As we’ve grown, we’ve realized we prefer something with a little more complexity. That’s why this year we’re going to sip añejo tequila.
Gim gimlet in coupe glasses

How to make the best vodka gimlet for a twist on a classic

Instead of gin, use neutral-flavored, never show-stealing vodka instead.
Gose beer

Gose-style beers are perfect for spring, and these are our favorites

This tart, salty, thirst-quencher is usually between 4-5% ABV. This results in a crushable, salty, crisp beer.

We know the most popular cocktails — Try these underrated drinks instead

Why not give the slightly less beloved (but equally delicious) cocktails a chance?
Dirty Martini

This is how to make the perfect dirty martini

If salt and brine are what you’re after though, you’d probably prefer the Dirty Martini.
A trio of whiskies

Ranked: 5 popular Scotch whisky bottles (all under $50)

Finding the best budget-friendly Scotch whisky expressions is all about your taste.
Beer foaming over the glass

The freshest pilsners to drink this spring

While the great American beers of Budweiser and Miller claim pilsner lineage, there are plenty of full-flavored options to show what the style really is.
most popular cocktails friends toasting with

These are the 10 most popular cocktails in the U.S.

The ten most popular cocktails in the US, according to NielsenQ data.
Whiskey in a glass

This is why you add water to whiskey (plus, our best tips)

One of the best ways to heighten your whiskey-tasting experience is to add water. We aren’t talking about a cup of water, we’re talking about a few splashes.
casamigos jalapeno tequila release cindy crawford casamigas jalape o tif

Where to get George Clooney, Cindy Crawford-backed Casamigos Jalapeño Tequila

Casamigos thinks that the spicy, thin, bright green pepper we love to add to salsa, tacos, and guacamole deserves its time to shine in the alcohol world.
grasshopper cocktail

The grasshopper drink is a retro blast from the past — this is how to make it

This dessert-like, after-dinner drink tastes like a fresh, boozy mint.
Whiskey glass

5 fan-favorite budget bourbon bottles, ranked

We selected five of the best, fan-favorite budget bourbon bottles and ranked them based on value-to-quality ratio.
Gose beers

What is a Gose style beer? All about this unique drink

It’s always a good idea to learn a little bit about some of the lesser-known beer styles. Today, it’s the Gose style of beer’s turn.
Pouring whiskey

A guide to all the different types of whisk(e)y

When it comes to whiskey (and whisky), there are six categories you need to know. Here's what they are and how they all differ.
Whiskey in a glass on a table

This limited rye whiskey is back, and it’s a Manhattan in a bottle

First released in limited quantities back in 2020, the distillery recently announced that this highly sought-after expression is back for a second time.
Michter's 10 Year

Why you need to try Michter’s new 10 year bourbon

While the flavor profile changes from batch to batch, Michter's 10Year is well-known for its complex, rich, sippable flavor profile.
Close-up of a glass of beer

Kolsch-style beers are perfect for spring, and these are our favorites

American brewers have turned to the tried and true German kolsch style beer to help draw in new fans and introduce them to a wider array of styles.
Whiskey in a glass

This new blended bourbon is not to be missed

15 STARS newest release is First West Bourbon. It’s a blend of sourced bourbons from Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.
Spanish gin tonic

The best gins and gin mixers for no hangover

Want to avoid a hangover? These are the best gin and gin mixers to enjoy.
Jack Daniel's McLaren

Where F1 fans can get the new Jack Daniel’s x McLaren 2024 Tennessee Whiskey

While the brand has myriad limited-edition expressions that we love, we’re most excited about its new collaboration with McLaren Racing.

4 fan-favorite budget gin bottles, ranked

You'll spend upwards of $100 for a bottle of your favorite single malt scotch whisky, your favorite gin won’t set you back remotely close to that.
Dark beer vs light beer

Dark beer vs light beer: The difference explained

First and foremost, what are the differences between dark and light beers?
Whiskey with a dark background

The Godfather cocktail is an underrated gem (and you only need 2 ingredients)

When it comes to flavorful, simple cocktails, it’s difficult to top the elegant, nuanced palate of a well-made Godfather cocktail.

4 popular budget vodka bottles, ranked

On top of that, just like with whiskey, rum, tequila, and other spirits, there are varying levels of quality in the vodka world.
A trio of whiskies

It’s International Whiskey Day, and you need to try these whiskeys from around the world

While we love whisk(e)y every day (only the US and Ireland use the ‘e’ in whiskey), we truly celebrate it every March 27th.
Gin cocktail

The differences between gin and vodka, explained

If you’re new to spirit and you just took a look at a glass of vodka and a glass of gin, you’d have a hard time differentiating the difference.
Beer foaming over the glass

You may not dislike IPAs as much as you think — you’ve just tried the wrong type

There are a lot of different types of IPAs. The key is finding the one that most appeals to your palate.
Mijenta Cristalino

Mijenta has a new cristalino tequila — here’s why bourbon fans will love it

Cristalino the fastest growing style of tequila according to Nielsen data. The newest brand to get in on the cristalino trend is Mijenta.
The Macallan

The Macallan, Bentley serve up a single malt Scotch whisky worth more than a car

When it comes to luxury, The Macallan and Bentley are two of the biggest names in the world.
Whiskey on a rock outside near a fire

You’ll love these popular brandy bottles (all under $40)

Not only are there myriad brandies available, but you don’t have to spend the equivalent of a car payment to get your hands on a great, flavorful bottle.

4 incredible vermouth cocktails you’re missing out on

While bitters are referred to as the “salt and pepper” of the cocktail world, we believe that (depending on the cocktail) vermouth might be just as important.
Rum cocktail

The best rum and rum mixers for no hangover

Want to avoid a hangover? These are the best rum and rum mixers to enjoy.
Tequila with salt and a lime

4 of the most popular budget tequila bottles, ranked

Finding well-made, flavorful budget tequilas isn’t a difficult task.

Our 5 favorite vodka drinks, ranked

Looking for a great vodka drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked
Woodford REserve Derby Bottle

You can now pre-order Woodford Reserve’s 2024 Kentucky Derby bourbon and it’s only $55

Woodford Reserve decided to turn to artist and Kentucky native Wylie Caudill to design the bottle for this historic Kentucky Derby.

Our 5 favorite Tennessee whiskey brands, ranked

While we love Jack Daniel’s, we also love some of the other offerings from the southern state.
Rum cocktail

5 fan-favorite budget rum bottles, ranked

There’s a lot of value in the rum world. If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced everyday sipper or a rum to mix with.

Our 5 favorite brandy drinks, ranked

Looking for a great brandy drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked

This is what the VSOP designation means on that bottle of Cognac

In the simplest terms, VSOP stands for “Very Superior Old Pale”.
Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel’s latest whiskeys are limited-edition bottles you’ll want to get your hands on

The brand recently announced the release of two new whiskeys in its annual “Jack Daniel’s Aged Series” which was first launched in 2021.