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Joe Morales

Joe Morales

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Joe Morales is a trained chef with over five years of experience working in fine dining and Michelin recommended restaurants. Joe specializes in food media publishing for print and digital publications and was responsible for writing food, drink, and culture articles. His work can also be found in OUTvoices and Joe Eats World. Joe likes to brunch, cook, and spend time with his husband and their dog Oliver. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Joe’s work.

Eating fried chicken

The best fried chicken recipe you will ever make

The best fried chicken recipes to end all recipes and satisfy that good old comfort food craving.
Hot dogs on a grill

How to cook or grill a hot dog perfectly every time

First things first. In case you didn’t know, a hot dog is a sausage, produced, cured, and stored the same way as bologna, frankfurters, and Vienna sausages.
Three hot dogs with different topppings

The 8 best hot dog topping alternatives you need to try

Beef up your hot dog game by adding these hot dog toppings to your list and make your dogs all the more delicious.
Sauces and spiced spreads in small jars

A guide to the five mother sauces of classical cuisine and their uses

These techniques are some of the basic skills needed in cooking, and they still need to be combined into finished sauces for richness, flavor, and color.
A plate of onion sauce on pork chops

How to make soubise, a 3-ingredient onion sauce for grilled meat

Soubise is an onion puree turned sauce that goes great with any type of roasted or grilled meat. Learn how it's made.
wagyu beef raw steak marbling

What is Wagyu beef? Origin story, how it’s graded, and more

Learn all about Wagyu Beef including its origins, how it's graded, and how to choose the best cut.
Person holding an espresso martini glass placing coffee beans as a garnish.

Make the best espresso martini with these fantastic recipes

These are the perfect cocktails when you need a pick-me-up in order to enjoy happy hour. Check out these top espresso martini cocktails.
An untouched healthy dish and a drink with towel and laptop on a kitchen counter.

11 of the Best Meal Kit Delivery Services for Healthy Meals

Meal kit delivery services are cost-effective meal plans. Learn about the best meal kit delivery services that deliver delicious meals right to your door.
Using a massage gun.

The 11 Best Massage Guns for Your Post-Workout Recovery

To help your muscles wake up or cool down, we've rounded up the best massage tools below.
Young man using foot pump on air mattress in living room.

These are the 11 Best Air Mattress for 2022

These are the best air mattresses you can buy right now.
The Nolah Signature 12-inch mattress in a room

Best Mattresses for Back Pain: 16 Options for Optimal Evening Comfort

These are some of the best mattresses for back pain that you need to know about.
Cute little girl bouncing on a white bed in a bright room.

These are the Mattresses You Need for a Perfect Night’s Sleep

Getting a great night's sleep starts with these mattresses designed for comfort and support. Try one of these 11 best mattresses to know why.

These Are the 11 Best Mattress-in-a-Box Brands

There is no shortage of mattresses on the market, but mattress-in-a-box brands deliver extra convenience. Here are the top mattress brands.

The Best Barware for Your Home Bar To Make Amazing Cocktails

These are the reasons why you don't just go out and buy a bartender kit. Hand pick each piece so it fits your style and personality. See our best barware picks.
black and white image of jeff mauro.

Interview With Celebrity Chef Jeff Mauro After SOBEWFF

The 2022 South Beach Wine and Food Festival is over and we caught up with Celebrity Chef Jeff Mauro. This is what he had to say.
bowl of chili with shredded cheese and sour cream as garnish.

The Best Chili Recipes For Every Type of Cook

The best chili recipes come from all over the country. See which one you prefer by trying these top recipes today.
Sophisticated furniture in a living room.

The 11 Best Living Room Furniture Pieces To Buy for Your Home

From plush sofas to elegant tables, these best living furniture pieces help transform your living room into a modern, sophisticated space.
best herbal teas

The 11 Best Herbal Teas To Try in 2022

These are the best herbal teas that may cure what ails you.
best kitchen shoes 2021

The 5 Best Kitchen Shoes That Will Stand for Most of Your Shift

Crafted from high-quality materials, these best kitchen shoes will offer the protection and comfort your feet needs during your shift.
two bottles of beer and two stout glasses on a bar.

The 7 Best Stout Beer Glassware Choices in 2022

These 7 amazing beer glasses are perfect for enjoying your next stout.
Set of kitchen knives sitting side by side on a black counter.

The 7 Best Knife Sets Professional Chefs Would Love

Finding the best knife sets can be hard that's why you should look for quality over quantity.
Person cracking egg on the bowl of electric stand mixer

Our Top Picks of the 11 Best Stand Mixers for Home Cooks

There's a reason these are the best stand mixers around, and you need to know why.
Rumpl's Merino SoftWool Blanket draped over a chair.

Why I Love Rumpl’s Merino SoftWool Throw Blanket

Some of the best clothing comes from merino wool. This throw blanket is something you'll want for the winter.
Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker sitting on a counter with bowls of ice cream.

Why You Need a Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker

Making ice cream at home has never been easier than using the Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker.
pans of different flavored ice cream with scoops in each one.

The 6 Best Fall Ice Cream Flavors To Make

Some of the best fall ice cream flavors are available now and if you can't find your flavor, try making these.
best dining room furniture the

The 7 Best Dining Room Furniture Pieces

Here are the essential dining room furniture items plus a list of miscellaneous décor.
old lumpy mattress sitting on the floor

How Long Should a Mattress Last?

Here are some perfectly good reasons why you need to consider a mattress replacement.
best bath towels colored

The Best Bath Towels for Your Home and Where to Buy Them

The best bath towels are made from high-quality cotton and are soft and super absorbent.

Men’s Apartment Essentials To Turn Your Bachelor Pad Into a Home

Moving to a new apartment or renovating your current one? Give your bachelor's pad an extra homey feel with these home essentials to spice up your living space.
floyd's home media console.

Why You Should Buy Floyd’s Media Console

Clean up your entertainment center with this modern and sleek media console that hides all the chaos.

The 11 Best Bar Carts For Less Than $400

These amazing bar carts will display your bottle collection with style.
steak with beurre rouge sauce, potatoes, and green beans.

How To Make Rich and Velvety Beurre Rouge

This red wine butter sauce known as Beurre Rouge is perfect for fish or steaks.
butternut squash soup with garnish.

How To Make a Rich and Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

You need to make this rich and creamy butternut squash soup today.
fire burning in a wood burning stove.

7 Best Wood Stoves To Heat Your Home

Learn about the fuel efficiency of wood and pellet stoves and find out which one will work for you.
Tomato sauce in a jar.

How To Make Fresh Homemade Tomato Sauce and ‘Small Sauces’ for Your Dishes

With our in-depth tutorial on making homemade tomato sauce, you can turn this classic condiment into a Portuguese Sauce, Spanish Sauce, or Creole Sauce.
A steak sauce.

How To Make a Velvety Smooth Bearnaise Sauce

Classic French Sauce recipes are easy to make and go great with a lot of dishes. Learn how to make a Bearnaise Sauce today.
Unmade bed with white blankets and pillows.

The 10 Best Blankets to Buy in 2022

Blanket season is here and we've got you covered, both literally and figuratively, with the eleven best options for 2022.
hands cutting butter on a cutting board.

How To Make an Herb Butter Sauce for Almost Any Dish

How to make a classic yet simple herb butter sauce for just about any dish.
Assorted kitchen utensils on a wooden table.

The 6 Best Kitchen Utensil Sets for Your Home

Whether you're starting out or experimenting with new recipes, no kitchen is complete without the best kitchen utensil sets for every kind of home cook.
how to make a sloppy joe sandwich with pickles chips

How To Make a Homemade Sloppy Joe Sandwich

Learn how to make the classic Sloppy Joe Sandwich and try not to make a mess.
A pan of blanc sauce.

How To Make Beurre Blanc, the Ultimate Butter Sauce

Learn how to make the delicate and flavorful Beurre Blanc Butter Sauce.
allform modular sofa in the living room.

Why You Need to Get this Custom Modular Sofa

Finding the perfect sofa is always a challenge, but Allform simplifies the process.
crispy fired chicken on a black napkin.

The Best Chicken Recipes You Need To Make

If there's one meat that you can use in so many different ways, it's chicken. Read on to learn how to make some of the best of the best chicken recipes.
stainless steel wood burning fire pit.

The Best Fire Pits Just in Time for Fall

As the cooler nights set in, you can relax around one of these highly rated fire pits.
Whiskey spilling out of the glass.

How To Remove Beer and Liquor Stains From Clothes

Learning how to remove liquor and beer stains from your clothes is the key to keeping them in pristine condition.
the floyd standing desk.

Why You Need To Buy This Best-Selling Stand-Up Desk

The Standing Desk by Floyd is the perfect desk with programmable OLED controls for easy adjustments.
Coleman Swim Vista II Round Swimming Pool Set

5 Best Above-Ground Swimming Pools to Buy for Your Backyard

If you want to just hang out and relax in your backyard, these above ground swimming pools are your best bet
Lalo drinking a glass of LALO tequila

Don Julio’s Grandson Creates a Sustainable Tequila Brand for Millennials

Eduardo 'Lalo' González, the grandson of Don Julio, is the co-founder of a premium and sustainable version of Lalo Tequila.
how to shuck oysters prep

How To Shuck Your Own Oysters in 6 Easy Steps

Learn how to shuck an oyster in 6 easy steps and enjoy the fruits of your labor with the best sustainable seafood out there.
lawn mower cutting grass

The Best Lawn Care Products to Keep Your Yard Healthy

Learn how to care for your lawn and keep it healthy with these 5 products.