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Zoe Baillargeon

Zoe Baillargeon

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Zoe Baillargeon is an award-winning travel writer and freelance journalist based in the Pacific Northwest. She covers travel, food & drink, adventure travel and the outdoors, sustainability, lifestyle, and culture for National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, Outside, Wine Enthusiast, and more.

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Rachel Barrie

Women distillers you should know who make spirits all over the world

Around the world, these ladies are producing some of the most exciting spirits out there. Get to know the women making a mark in the distilling industry.
Making bread at home

Baking pro shares how to make bread for beginners

Making bread, especially sourdough, emerged a few years ago during quarantine and is still a thing. Top baker Maurizio Leo is here to teach us how to make it.

The 9 Best Snow Shovels for Easier Snow Removal

An essential tool for many households, our best snow shovels will help you clear snow-covered paths faster without breaking your back.
The Nomadik box

The 8 Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes for Gear Lovers

No matter what you like to do in the great outdoors, there is a convenient monthly gear subscription box for you. Take a look at our top picks.
View of Seattle, Washington

Seattle Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More

As Seattle is the home of hidden gems, it's your job as a traveler to unearth them all — be it in the city or in the mysterious outdoors.
best drinking board games 2020

The 8 Best Drinking Board Games to Play Right Now

Almost any board game can be a drinking game if you want it to be, but these picks are specially made for drinking. Hold a board game night with a fun twist.
plan for future travel now 2021 2022

Want to Travel in 2021 or 2022? Now’s the Time to Start Planning

With the arrival of vaccines signaling a light at the end of the tunnel, it's time to start thinking about that post-COVID-19 dream vacation.

Is It Safe To Get On A Cruise Ship This Summer?

With new health and safety guidelines, cruise ships are ready to hit the high seas once again. But is it fully safe?
hotels sustainability covid19 towels on bed in hotel room

Has COVID-19 Made Hotels More Sustainable?

Before the pandemic, hotels were making strides for operating more sustainably. Did COVID undo all that work?
View of the mountains and skyline of Portland, Oregon.

Portland Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More

Discover underrated attractions and embark on a wild adventure in Portland, Oregon -- a destination ripe for rediscovery.

11 Sustainable Ways To Road-Trip This 2022

Hit the road in 2022 in the most eco-friendly and sustainable ways without compromising enjoyment and good times.
when safe to book travel face mask at airport

When Will It Be Safe to Book Travel Again? Here’s What You Need to Know

Now that the vaccine roll-out is underway, will the world be open again for travel anytime soon, and if so, when? We have the answers.  
what the covid vaccine means for travel businessman using mobile phone at airport protective mask

Should You Travel After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Just because you got the jab doesn't mean you can get on a jet just yet.
best snow blowers to buy clearing the driveway

The 4 Best Snow Blowers for 2022

Give yourself a break from the cold weather by letting these best snow blowers do all the work when it comes to snow removal.
travel from home vacation photos

7 Ways To Travel Without Leaving Your Home This President’s Day

Just because we're grounded for now doesn't mean our minds can't still travel and explore the world. Here are creative ways to travel from home.

6 Fun International Coffee Recipes To Make At Home (That Aren’t Dalgona)

Getting a bit bored of the Dalgona trend? These other international coffee recipes can easily be re-created at home.
Hanging Burlap Advent Calendar

The 25 Best Christmas Decorations You Can Buy Online

Just because you have to stay home and quarantine this holiday season doesn't mean you can't still deck the halls!
best prime day camping deals 2020

5 Essential Safety Gear You Need in the Backcountry

From dangerous weather to deadly avalanches, these items will help keep you safe in case of a backcountry emergency.
arbikie climate positive spirit nadar vodka uk usa canada packshot july20 2

Arbikie Releases Second Climate-Positive Spirit, Nàdar Vodka

Saving the world, one pea-based drink at a time.
Marcio Silva, Brazil

7 of the Best Latin American Mixologists

From Mexico to Brazil, these mixologists are making magic with a cocktail glass, jigger, and the flavors of their countries.
fat bear week

Forget Sports: The Best Fall 2020 Activity Is Fat Bear Week

It's the most wonderful time of the year: Fat Bear Week!
Perito Moreno

Escape 2020 at 8 Of The Most Remote Places in Latin America

You can do better than Machu Picchu. When travel restarts, discover these ultra off-grid hidden gems.
beginners guide to foraging 2

A Beginner’s Guide To Foraging

Go grocery shopping in nature's biggest supermarket.
affordable chilean wines 5 wine

5 Affordable Chilean Wines You Have To Try

These wines will satisfy your palate without breaking the bank. Salud!
piquette natural wine bubbly

Meet Piquette, Natural Wine’s New Favorite Bubbly

Move over, pet-nat; there's a new natty wine bubbly in town.
new alinea mocktail book for at home mixing zero spread bbq

This New Cocktail Book Brings The Art Of The Mocktail Into Your Home

All the fun of a cocktail but sans the booze, all in the comfort of your home.
Becoming Minimalist

The Best Books, Apps, and Websites On How To Live A More Minimal Life

Minimalism is becoming an ever more popular lifestyle: Is it right for you? Here's how you can start.
how to safely dine out during the pandemic covid dining 2020 2

How To Stay Safe Dining Out During A Pandemic

We've all missed restaurants, but we're not in the clear yet. Here's how to stay safe while enjoying a well-deserved meal out.
skoolie hip diy nomadic lifestyle 1

Move Over, Van Life: Skoolies Are The New Hip, DIY Answer To Nomadic Living

Build your own home on wheels and see what the fuss is all about.
Rancho Gordo

This California Company Has A Cult Following Because Of Its Heirloom Beans

For 'bean freaks' there is only one place to go for the best beans in the world: Rancho Gordo.
Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

These Outdoorsy Artist Retreats Combine Creativity With Social Distancing

Escape to the forest, mountains, or high seas to unlock your creative potential.

Everesting Is The Craziest Cycling Challenge You’ve Never Heard Of

No big deal: Just cycling the total height of Mount Everest, that's all.
best vegan food products

The Best Vegan Popular Food Products To Keep In Your Fridge

Embracing a more plant-based diet is better for you and the planet ... plus it's delicious.
white wine cellar aging

Expand Your Vino Knowledge With These Top Online Wine Courses

Learn all about the world of wine from the pros ... without even leaving your house!

What Is Merkén? Why This Chilean Spice Deserves Your Attention

Shake up your next barbecue with this Chilean staple.
zoom room drinking game rules webcam beer getty

How To Maintain Healthy Drinking Habits During Quarantine

We're all drinking a bit too much right now, but there are ways to cut back and stay healthy and happy.
nooq cabin

This Instagram-Famous Scandinavian Cabin Is Now for Rent

With its vaulted ceilings, large windows, and forest views, the nooq achieves peak Instagram goals.
How to make sausage gravy

How To Make Sausage Gravy

There's nothing like some good, old-fashioned biscuits and sausage gravy to heal the soul and fill the stomach.
social distancing park walk dog coronavirus

Can You Go Outdoors During a Self-Quarantine or Shelter-in-Place Order?

If you're confused about whether you can go for a walk when you're social distancing, we have the answers.
safara new hotel booking subscription service bed lamp

Safara Travel Subscription Service Might Be the Best New Way to Book Hotels

Here’s how the Safara playbook is different. For a yearly membership fee, you gain access to a catalog and its exclusive rates for each property.
icebug shoes climate positive shoe 4

This Outdoor Footwear Company Is Actually Climate-Positive

Sweden's Icebug is setting an example for other companies in the outdoor industry.
mac and cheese breadcrumbs cheese green onion

How to Make Boxed Mac and Cheese Better

We all love boxed mac and cheese, but even it can be improved with some creative ingredients. Go from Kraft to craft in quarantine.
woman following recipe online

The Best Online Cooking Classes and Tutorial from Chefs

Clueless in the kitchen? These stars of the food world are showing you how it's done.
british museum google arts and culture

The Best Virtual Tours and Activities to Explore at Home

Travel the world and discover new things, all from the comfort of your couch.
couple home date night wine

11 Tips for Couples Stuck in Quarantine

Sheltering-in-place with your partner? These tips will help you two keep the peace during these difficult times.
kristy black arbiki gin

The World’s First Climate-Positive Gin Is Made From Peas

Using garden peas, science, and good old-fashioned distilling, Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery has made a gin that's actually good for the environment.
The 7 Best Books to Inspire and Prep for an Antarctic Adventure

7 Books to Inspire and Prep an Antarctica Adventure

Traveling to Antarctica? These tales of adventure, discovery, tragedy, science, and passion from the bottom of the world are sure to inspire and educate!
Traveler watching planes from an airport window.

Why Carbon Offset Should Be Your Essential Travel Accessory for 2020

With more people traveling, and yearly flight carbon dioxide emissions topping 860 million metric tons, carbon offsets have emerged as a solution.
holocene sparkling glacier water

Holocene is a CBD Seltzer Made With Glacial Icebergs

That’s the idea behind Holocene, a new, CBD-infused sparkling water made from glacial icebergs fished from Alaska’s Prince William Sound. Launched in May 2019, Holocene is produced by McAneney’s company The High Expedition, a Talkeetna, Alaska-based dispensary.