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Sam Slaughter

Sam Slaughter

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Sam Slaughter was the Food and Drink Editor for The Manual. Born and raised in New Jersey, he’s called the South home for the better part of the last decade. His literary fiction and nonfiction work have appeared in over 40 publications while his food and spirits writing has been featured in the likes of ‘Maxim,’ ‘Bloomberg,’ The Bitter Southerner, InsideHook, Tales of the Cocktail, Supercall, Thirsty, Southern Kitchen, Chilled, and more.

Sam is Wine and Spirits Education Trust Certified in Spirits (awarded with high honors) and an honest-to-goodness Kentucky Colonel. He has been the judge of four national cocktail competitions, served on the World’s Best Bars 2017 voting panel, and had a cocktail he created featured at the Lincoln Center Theatre for the 2016 season. Sam gets around, having visited over 500 breweries, wineries, and distilleries on four continents.

Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Sam’s work.


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What is orange wine? This trendy wine has a long history

The practice of orange wine — a hot trend of the last few years — dates back millennia. Here's a breakdown of the fascinating wine style.
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How to make a mojito: The ultimate cocktail recipe

A step-by-step guide for how to make the perfect mojito. Make sure to save this cocktail recipe for later.
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This is how to make a proper Moscow Mule

On the surface, there's nothing complicated about a Moscow Mule. But you should be privy to a few pro tips if you want to make the best version of the classic.
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How to craft a heavenly vodka martini: Shaken or stirred

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A beginner’s guide on how to read a topographic map

We spoke with an expedition expert to learn some key tips on how to read a topographic map. It's not too complicated, but does require a bit of knowledge.
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The solar eclipse might only last a few minutes, but the fun doesn’t have to. Here are the best cocktails to enjoy during this spectacle.
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The 9 best whiskey quotes of all time

Planning your gravestone prematurely and want the world to know that, even in death, you really love whiskey? Check out the best whiskey quotes of all time.
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What is port wine? All the different types and how to drink it

It’s time to give port a chance. We’ve put together a crash course on Portugal’s most famous beverage.
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How to smoke meat like a pro: Everything you need to know

Prepare to be the next pitmaster with our comprehensive guide on smoking — a traditional cooking method that rewards you with tasty, flavorful slabs of meat.
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The 11 best rums for mixing to turn any night into island night

If you want to make the cocktail of your dreams, perhaps a mojito or daiquiri, a high-quality bottle of rum is the key ingredient.
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Aprés ski and more: A drinker’s guide to Aspen

Hitting the slopes in Aspen sometime soon? Check out where you need to drink when you're done on the slopes for the day.
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How to make the best gumbo, according to Chef Isaac Toups

There is nothing more emblematic of Cajun cooking than gumbo. Chef Isaac Toups teaches us how to make gumbo and shares one of his favorite recipes.
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How to make wild goose pastrami according to the ‘MeatEater’

Steven Rinella, author of multiple books, shows us how to use various types of meats. He is also the host of the "MeatEater" podcast and Netflix series.
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Our White Russian recipe is a simple, timeless staple every at-home bartender should know

Dude, you don't need a ton of skill to learn how to make a White Russian. Our step-by-step video will break down the recipe for this classic cocktail.
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Bourbon, rye whiskey, Scotch whisky, and more: These are the best whiskeys under $35

Not all of us want to break open our wallets for a bottle, which is why we created a list of the best inexpensive whiskeys (and whiskies).
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My Favorite Murder, Son of a Hitman, American Scandal, and more: The best true crime podcasts to obsess over

True crime is one of the most popular podcast genres out there, and these are the best pods to start with.

Tepache is the pineapple mixer you need this spring

Take a look at tepache and learn how to work with this refreshing tropical drink from Mexico. It's approved for spring cocktails and crisp beers.
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Grilling year-round: 10 incredible tips for winter barbecues

Summer isn't the only season for barbecues. If you love to grill, dust off that pit and heed these cold weather grilling tips from the experts at Char-Broil.
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Bartenders love using Suze in cocktails, and so should you

Bartenders are fawning over Suze, a Swiss apertif that gained popularity in France during the turn of the 20th century. You should be doing the same.
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Best Cinnamon Cocktails to Spice Up Your Fall

Cinnamon was once a spice more prized than gold. Check out these delicious cinnamon cocktails and drink like royalty with these warming drinks.

8 Best Graphic Novels For Newcomers To The Genre

Let's get one thing straight right from the get-go: Graphic novels are not comic books.
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This Simple Tequila Lime Shrimp Recipe Is Perfect for Any Season

If you're planning on celebrating the end of summer and the start of fall, you might want to try these tequila lime shrimp on your table. Here's how to do it.
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8 Best Dry Rubs for Barbecue To Rub Your Meat With This 2022

While rubs can be for anything from meat to veggies, some of them are made specifically for certain meats. Check out our list below for the best barbecue rubs.
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How to Make a Stand-Up Mint Julep

The refreshing Mint Julep should be enjoyed pretty much all the time, not just during the Kentucky Derby. Here's how to perfect the classic drink.
Best Road Trip Snacks

The Best Road Trip Snacks to Bring Along for the Ride

When prepping your road trip snack pack, you need a balance of things. These are the best snacks to take along for the ride.
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Best Scotch Under $50: 7 Bottles of Affordable Whisky

A good bottle of Scotch whisky can cost you $300 or it can run you under $50. What we’ve learned is that price does not always correspond to quality.
A daiquiri cocktail

How to Make a Daiquiri with this Step-by-Step Video

Scores of men, including Hemingway and JFK, have enjoyed this classic cocktail — and you should, too. Learn how to make a daiquiri with our video guide.
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Spice Up Your Grill Game With This Chorizo Burger Recipe (and Some Malbec)

This flavorful beef and chorizo burger recipe by chef Aarón Sánchez features adobo seasoning, red chimichurri sauce, and pickled onion salad.
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6 Essential Scotch Cocktails That You Need to Know

Scotch whisky is great on its own, but with the right ingredients, it makes an excellent mixed drink. Here you'll find 6 essential cocktails to make in 2022.
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The 4 Best Personal Outdoor Pizza Ovens to Use for Your Next Pizza Party

Owning a pizza oven is like owning a badass toy. If this sounds like you, read on for our 2021 roundup of the best personal outdoor pizza ovens.
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This May Be the Most Simple (and Delicious) Burger Recipe Ever

Nothing beats a classic grilled cheeseburger. The folks at Char-Broil grills share a simple burger recipe that's easy to make at home. It’s pretty amazing how something so effortless can be so delicious, isn’t it?
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How to Make Authentic Tacos in 2 Delicious Recipes

To help you in the pursuit of taco greatness, we asked two chefs for their carne asada and blackened shrimp tacos recipes.
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How to Perfectly Fold a Burrito

In order to achieve the perfect burrito, you just need to know two things: Find out how much stuff to put in and how to fold it so that it stays together.
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How to Prevent a Hangover From Happening

We talked with registered dietitian and food blogger Tali Sedgwick to find out how to prevent a hangover and the science behind it all.
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Our Rules for Zoom Room Drinking Game, Because Why Not?

Sure, most of us are already drinking while on Zoom, but now we’ve made up a series of rules to make things more interesting should you want to take that route.
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How to Cure a Hangover: A Guide to Nature’s Worst Joke

Had too much drink last night and now you feel half-dead? Help cure that hangover with our tips and tricks and some common methods that do not help a hangover.
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The 10 Best Hot Sauces to Spice Up Your Life

Just about any meal can be improved with a little heat. Here, you'll find the best hot sauces you can buy right now.
ekster parliament slim wallet rfid 2

The Ekster Parliament Wallet is a Perfect RFID-Protected Everyday Carry Option

At just .59 inch thin and able to hold up to 10 cards (four to six in the built-in aluminum cardholder and four more in the pocket strap), the Ekster Parliament is the perfect EDC wallet.

Best Wayfair Way Day Kitchen Deals 2020: What To Shop

On September 23 and 24, Wayfair will be discounting items up to 80% across the site (with free shipping to boot).
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25 Years of Dogfish Head Beer with Sam Caligione

For this week’s episode of The Manual Podcast, Greg and Sam sit down with founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, Sam Caligione.
Day drinking

The Ultimate Guide to Day Drinking

Day drinking is the true sport of kings. That being said, day drinking ain't easy. Learn how to take the crown and keep it with these tips and tricks. All day long.
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The 10 Best Ginger Beer For Moscow Mules

Next time you’re craving a cocktail that is equally spicy and refreshing, pop open one of our picks for the best ginger beer for Moscow mules.
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Caledonia Spirits Hosts Bee’s Knees Week This September

The point of this cocktail fundraiser is to support 'organizations that work to protect bees and other pollinators,' according to a statement from the distillery.
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The Best Sour Beers of Summer 2022

Offering a summery and youthful zap of zesty energy, these are the best sour beers for the remainder of 2022.
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Talking Kerchiefs, COVID, and More with Colin Hanks

For this week’s episode of The Manual Podcast, Greg, Sam and Christian sit down with actor and business owner Colin Hanks to talk about his company Hanks Kerchiefs.
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Metallica, Whiskey, and More with Master Distiller Rob Dietrich

For this week’s episode of The Manual Podcast, Greg and Sam sit down with the Master Distiller/Blender of Blackened Whiskey, Rob Dietrich.
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Vodka, Iceland, and More With Reyka Vodka Ambassador Trevor Schneider

For this week’s episode of The Manual Podcast, Greg and Sam sit down Reyka Vodka Brand Ambassador Trevor Schneider to talk all things Reyka Vodka (and Iceland).
Grooming Awards 2020

Looking Fly With Christian Gollayan and the 2020 Grooming Awards Winners

This week Greg and Sam sit down with our own Christian Gollayan to get the inside scoop on (and great tips from) the winners of The Manual Grooming Awards 2020.