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Amanda Gabriele

Amanda Gabriele

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Amanda Gabriele is a food and travel writer at The Manual and the former senior editor at Supercall. She can’t live without the three Bs — bourbon, barbecue, and beards — and loves to cook in platforms.

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Sirloin steak on a grill

How to grill the steak of your dreams: An aspiring steak master’s guide

Chef Dusmane Tandia of Mastro's Steakhouse shows us how to grill a steakhouse-quality steak at home, whether you're using a gas or charcoal grill.
Soft-shell crab La Torque

How to cook soft-shell crab at home

Though it seems like a daunting task, cleaning and cooking soft-shell crab is actually quite simple. We got some expert tips from a Michelin-starred chef.
A refreshing glass of Miami Godfather on a table.

The 3 Best Scotch Breakfast Cocktail Recipes to Kickstart Your Morning

Want to drink Scotch for breakfast? Sure, no prob! These best Scotch breakfast cocktail recipes prove that the smoky whisky can be a morning drink.
cote de boeuf recipe co  te resting steak featured image

How to Cook Côte de Boeuf Steak at Home Perfectly

Chef Jordan Terry from NYC's Dirty French restaurant shows us how to cook the perfect côte de boeuf steak at home. This steak can impress anyone who tastes it.
Female hand pouring sake

The Best Summer Sakes to Buy

International Sake Sommelier Jessica Joly gives us her top five summer sakes for warm-weather drinking, plus the food pairings to match.
canning food 101 guide kosher dill pickles 1912

Canning 101: Everything a Beginner Should Know

If you want to learn how to make jam and other canned goods, check out this beginners guide to preserving.
seafood paella mussels shrimp

Expert Tips on How to Choose and Prepare the Freshest Shellfish

Choosing fresh shellfish — oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp, crab, lobster — can be a daunting task. According to chef Joe Lopez, it’s actually quite simple, as long as you use your senses and ask the right questions.
best cookbooks about meat feat

5 Best Cookbooks About Meat That Every Carnivore Should Read

If you're looking to become a meat expert in your own kitchen, these are the five best meat cookbooks that every home cook should buy.
How to Use One Ingredient for Five Different Dishes

How to Use One Ingredient for Five Different Dishes

We challenged some of our favorite chefs and cookbook authors to use one ingredient in five different pantry recipes.
Nelly’s Pastitsio

3 Fancy Casserole Recipes to Up Your Cooking Game

We chatted with some of our favorite chefs and cookbook authors to snag a few recipes for fancy casseroles that will definitely up your cooking game.
best butcher shops in america gwen shop wagyu photographer clay larsen 5

The 6 Best Butcher Shops in America

If you're looking to buy the best meat of your live, then check out the six best butcher shops in America.
Rising Sun Bloody Mary Cocktail Momofuku Nishi

The Best Bloody Mary Recipes for a Perfect Brunch

It doesn't have to be National Bloody Mary Day (January 1, if you were wondering) to enjoy the delightful drink that is the Bloody Mary.
south korea cocktail wild ink bar

This Restaurant’s Cocktail Menu Is Inspired by the Heritage of Its Employees

When you open the cocktail menu at New York City's Wild Ink, you’re presented with a map of the world. Each drink represents the heritage of someone on staff.
main image, how to make sausage

How to Make Perfect Lamb Sausage

A staple around the world, we stepped into the kitchen of the former restaurant White & Blue to learn how the sausage is made from an expert.
Haw Gow Dim Sum Shrimp Dumplings

Dim Sum Master Dishes on Har Gow, the Perfect Shrimp Dumpling

We chatted with Tim Ho Wan's executive chef Jean-Pierre “J.P.” Choy about the history of har gow and what makes his restaurant's version so perfect.
La Brea Bakery Sourdough Bread

We Asked a Pro for His Tips on How to Make Sourdough Bread at Home

We asked an expert from La Brea Bakery for this tips on baking homemade sourdough bread. Heed his advice the next time you're in the mood for this tangy, satisfying carb.
Empirical Spirits

How 2 Noma Alumni Brought Their Flavorful Spirits Line to the United States

Empirical Spirits is a flavor and fermentation-driven brand that uses ingredients from around the world and strives to minimize waste. The founders, two ex-Noma chefs, are also using the leftover or used ingredients in new ways to further minimize the environmental impact.
japan village food

This Indoor Market Takes You to Japan Without Ever Leaving New York City

If you're looking to get your Japan fix without opening your passport, Japan Village Industry City is the best place in New York City to indulge in food and booze from the country.
turks inn midwestern supper club the turk  s brooklyn 17

How 2 Brooklynites are Reviving an Iconic Midwestern Supper Club

Varun Kataria and Tyler Erickson recently opened The Turk's Inn in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a reboot of an iconic Wisconsin supper club that closed in 2014.
oysters with martinis

How to Pair Oysters with Martinis

We sat down with Maison Premiere bar director Will Elliott to learn how to pair seven classic martinis with briny, buttery oysters.
tik garnish tips yaki tiki 2

Become a Tiki Garnish Master With These 6 Expert Tips

If you love the look of tiki drinks and want to recreate them at home, follow these six expert tips to become a tiki garnish master in no time.
Yuzu-Shio Daiquiri

10 Reasons Why Yuzu Should Be Your New Favorite Cocktail Ingredient

The Japanese citrus yuzu is popping up in restaurants and bars across the United States. Here are 10 yuzu cocktails from the pros to make at home.
Reel Masters book by PETER KAMINSKY

‘Reel Masters’ Book Review: Follow Top Chefs on their Ultimate Fishing Trips

'Reel Masters: Chefs Casting About with Timing and Grace' explores the relationship that 8 chefs have with the water and the ultimate quest for food.
arcteryx rock solid used gear program interview arc teryx jacket in use

Arc’teryx Wants to Buy Back Your Used Gear for the Good of the Planet

Outdoor brand Arc'teryx just relaunched its recommerce program, Rock Solid Used Gear, to buy back gently-used garments, repair them, then resell them. To get an insider’s take, we chatted with the brand's Vice President of Design, Dan Green.
what is grappa pomace brandy typical italian gold

Grappa 101: A Crash Course on the Italian Pomace Brandy

If you've ever asked yourself "what is grappa," we have answers. Here is everything you need to know about the Italian pomace brandy. We chatted with Feroce sommelier and beverage director Pietro Caldarelli to learn more about the robust Italian digestivo.
mustard cocktails recipes mango

Mustard is the Weirdest and Tastiest Cocktail Ingredient

It might sound strange, but the tangy condiment does have a place behind the bar. If you want to get funky with your home bartending skills, then try one of these four mustard cocktails, created by experts across the country.
il principe lasagna blogonese

How to Make Lasagna Bolognese, According to a Chef

Chef Kristine Mana-ay keeps it classic Italian in the kitchen of her New York City restaurant Il Principe, and now she's sharing her delicious and authentic recipe for lasagna bolognese.
The World is Your Burger A Cultural History, David Michaels, Phaidon 420-1-burger-wrappers

‘The World is Your Burger’ Book Review: A Meaty History

If you're among the burger obsessed, David Michaels' ode to the icon deserves a place on the shelf. 'The World is Your Burger' is the ultimate encyclopedia.
Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

The Best Things to Do in Tokyo if You’re Traveling Solo

Tokyo is one of the coolest places to visit alone. This weekend guide lists the best things to do in Tokyo if you're traveling solo.
Murray’s Cheese of the Month

5 Delicious Food Subscription Boxes to Gift Dad for Father’s Day

If Dad loves trying new things, then these food subscription boxes are the perfect Father's Day gift. These five subscription boxes contain tasty treats, ranging from homemade cocktail ingredients to rare Japanese snacks.
how to butcher pork crown roast 13 32

How to Butcher a Crown Roast with Chef Angie Mar

Chef Angie Mar of The Beatrice Inn shows us how to butcher tomahawk racks of pork and turn them into a delicious crown roast (complete with a scrumptious stuffing). Follow along with our step-by-step guide.
karaoke tips for men room getty feat

7 Expert Karaoke Tips to Make You a Superstar

Whether you’ve sung a few times or are completely new to the game, heed this advice to become a karaoke pro in no time.

Elevate Your Japanese Cuisine By Learning How to Make Homemade Furikake

If you've ever wondered what furikake is, we chat about the history of this Japanese seasoning and how to make it at home.
scorpion fish and chips fine and rare

We Ate a Poisonous Scorpion Fish and Lived to Tell the Tale

New York City's Fine & Rare recently added scorpion fish and chips to their lunch menu. This delicious delicacy has poisonous spines that are safely removed before serving.
offal organ meat recipes grilled duck hearts

Nose-to-Tail: 3 Offal Recipes From Chefs Who Do It Right

Whether you want to sauté a liver steak or learn to make veal kidneys like the French, these recipes from some of our favorite chefs will help you on your offal journey.
Barrow's Intense

Barrow’s Intense is Opening a Craft Spirits Tasting Room in New York City

Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur is opening Industry City tasting room, which will feature more than 150 made-in-New-York craft spirits
sushi burrito sushirrito

The Origins of the Sushi Burrito: Q&A with the Inventor

We sat down with Peter Yen, the founder of Sushirrito and inventor of the sushi burrito, to talk about the inspiration behind his tasty creation.
aging wine barrels solera

What Is the Solera System and Why Is It on My Liquor Bottle Label?

The solera system is an intricate process of aging spirits that started with sherry but is now being used for all kinds of liquor. This is exactly how it works.
grill barbecue boar

4 Scrumptious Meats to Grill this Year that Aren’t Beef

If you're looking for something else to grill besides a steak this season, check out the four best meats to grill that aren't beef: boar, venison, elk, and bison.
forgotten fruits vegetables heirloom heritage varieties skirret5

4 Forgotten Fruits and Veggies You Should Add to Your Diet

We chatted with two heritage seed growers about lesser-known produce that's easy to grow and harvest in your own garden.
man drink phone travel

Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road from People Who Get Paid to Drink

Though it seems like liquor brand ambassadors have the best job in the world, it can be tough to always travel and be on the go. Here are travel tips for staying healthy on the road from people who literally get paid to drink, eat, and visit new places.
Captain Barnacles Stay Gold

4 Genever Cocktail Recipes to Get You Acquainted with the Spirit

Genever’s bold, earthy taste is great for fans of more robust spirits, but if you’re new to it, cocktails are a great way to get to know it better. These four genever cocktails are delicious and easy to make at home.
Hendrick’s Pom Pom Punch

3 Holiday Punch Recipes You Can Make Ahead of the Party

If you're throwing a holiday bash, check out these three make-ahead holiday punches. You can batch them the day before so you have one less thing to stress about during the party.
history of jazz brunch and where to go today eggs benedict muriel  s jackson square new orleans louisiana

The History of Jazz Brunch and the U.S. Restaurants That Do It Right

The jazz brunch has an interesting history that started with one family in New Orleans. Now, the trend has spread to restaurants all over the country.
five extra virgin olive oil

Forget the Booze, Because Your Host Wants a Nice Bottle of Olive Oil

If you're looking for something besides wine to bring your holiday party host this year, this olive oil gift guide is the perfect place to start.
stella artois bart robot bartender holiday technology

Stella Artois’ Robot Bartender is Here to Save Your Holiday Party

The Stella Artois B.A.R.T. attaches to any robot vacuum and serves your guests frosty drinks and tasty snacks while cleaning up in the process.
architecture of castilla leon spain university valladolid y leo  n 18

14 Architectural Wonders to Visit in Castilla y León, Spain

If you're planning a trip to Spain's Castilla y León region, you're going to see some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. These are the places you need to visit.
mexican pozole recipe chef diego garcia getty images

How to Make the Best Pozole, a Soul-Warming Mexican Soup

Pozole, a soul-warming soup from Mexico, is one of our favorite ways to warm up in winter. Here's a tasty recipe from chef Diego Garcia that features squash and chicken.
guittard salted bourbon caramels getty images

These Homemade Salted Bourbon Caramels are the Perfect Holiday Gift

If you're looking for a unique gift to give this holiday, whip up a batch of these salted bourbon caramels for family and friends. Chef Donald Wressel of the Guittard Chocolate Company created this recipe for The Manual.
ultimate guide to picklebacks randalls barbece 6 unusual and delicious pickleback pairings featured image

6 Unusual and Delicious Pickleback Pairings

You don't simply need pickle juice and whiskey to make a proper pickleback. In fact, you can take the double shot with pretty much any spirit, some vinegar, and a few common ingredients you probably already have in the house — just ask the folks at Randall’s Barbecue.