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Move over, espresso martini — This whiskey-based coffee cocktail is so much better

Move over, espresso martini — This whiskey-based coffee cocktail is so much better
Whiskey in a glass next a person

7 fan-favorite budget whiskey bottles, ranked

Great sipping whiskeys, versatile mixing whiskeys, and everything in between. There’s something for every palate when it comes to budget bottles.

Why glasses made for bourbon actually matter

If you enjoy bourbon, you should probably invest in at least one whiskey glass.
single tea bag, white background

Chamomile tea only gets healthier when you add lavender — here’s why

From helping to fight against inflammation to supporting healthy sleep, the benefits of chamomile lavender tea might just surprise you.
Slicing prosciutto

Did you know you can cure prosciutto at home?

If you've ever wanted to make your own prosciutto at home, you've come to the right place. With a little time and patience, it's possible.
Italicus Cup cocktail.

The 6 best SodaStream alternatives in 2024

We've tracked down all the best SodaStream alternatives and looked at which are worth your time and money.
Banana bread

Why you can (and should) add bourbon right to your banana bread batter without cooking it first

Bourbon and other spirits typically ned to be cooked before using them in baking, but not in banana bread - here's why
A family cooks on the Blackstone 28-inch propane griddle with air fryer.

This Blackstone griddle has a built-in air fryer, and it’s $100 off

Perfect your outdoor cooking and save $100 with this deal on the Blackstone 28-inch propane griddle with air fryer at Walmart.
patagonia provisions

I bet you didn’t know that Patagonia makes food and beer

Patagonia, known for outdoor gear, now sells organic foods and seafoods under the Patagonia Provisions food umbrella. You need to see this for yourself.
A biker drinking an electrolyte beverage from his water bottle while cycling on the street.

Get your hydration on with the 9 best electrolyte drinks

Drinking electrolyte drinks can aid in recovery and hydration. We scoured the internet looking for the best electrolyte drinks for your next workout or game.
Man preparing a breakfast smoothie in the kitchen

How to make a nutritious smoothie you’ll actually want to drink

Making the perfect smoothie is harder than you think! We reached out to former chef to the pros, Joshua Ingraham, to tell us how.
A close-up of a vitamin D capsule

Here are the benefits of taking vitamin D supplements – what you should know

If you're not getting enough vitamin D by consuming vitamin D-rich foods, then taking a supplement may be what you need. Read about the benefits here.
Rum for mixed drinks like mojitos

The 11 best rums for mixing to turn any night into island night

If you want to make the cocktail of your dreams, perhaps a mojito or daiquiri, a high-quality bottle of rum is the key ingredient.
A working bartender.

The drinks pro at the Four Seasons Oahu shares his twist on 5 classic cocktails

Classic cocktails don't have to be boring. Here's how they shake up the recipes at the Four Seasons in Hawaii.
best pre-workout snacks.

What to eat before a workout: These are the best pre-workout snacks

Fueling before a workout should energize you without making you feel bloated or full. The best pre-workout snacks are here.

The differences between bourbon and brandy, explained

The two spirits also carry some of the same aromas and flavors like oak, caramel, and fruity flavors.
An array of meats and cheeses.

Did you know these popular foods are high in saturated fat?

Saturated fat is mainly found in animal foods. See a list of foods high in saturated fat here.
People toasting over plates

5 fun ways to sneak whiskey and other booze into your breakfast foods

Everyone knows about boozy breakfast drinks, but our clever hacks let you add booze to your breakfast in unique ways

This is the simple secret to making incredible meatloaf and meatballs

The secret to keeping your meatloaf, meatballs, or even burgers from drying out is called a panade.
Whiskey cocktail

Our 4 favorite whiskey drinks, ranked

Looking for a great whiskey drink to make at home? These are our favorite cocktails, ranked

This is our favorite tequila for making Palomas at home

When we make a paloma at home, we reach for one tequila in particular.
Stanley tumblers

Yeti Rambler vs Stanley Tumbler – the choice is clear

Should you rush to get the cool new Stanley Tumbler everyone is crazy about, or a Yeti? We think the choice is obvious
Brandy in the sunlight

What is Cognac? A quick guide to the classic French spirit

In our entry-level guide to Cognac, you'll find out that the classic French spirit is more than just a smoother and polished version of brandy.
A hand holding a vacuum-sealed bag containing meat on a tray with a sous vide machine.

How to properly and accurately sous vide steak

You've bought the fancy sous vide device and the expensive steak, here's how to cook it perfectly.
Tequila drink

Our favorite tequila drinks, ranked

Looking for a great tequila drink to make at home? These are our favorites, ranked
Waffles on a plate

You need to start adding beer to your waffle batter – here’s why

Using beer in waffle batter is a stroke of genius for a few reasons. This is our favorite recipe.
apres ski, aspen colorado

Aprés ski and more: A drinker’s guide to Aspen

Hitting the slopes in Aspen sometime soon? Check out where you need to drink when you're done on the slopes for the day.
Ft. Wayne - Circa August 2017: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer X

The 6 best places to buy bulk food online in 2024

Looking to stock your pantry for less? We've got all the best places to buy bulk food online no matter how much you need.
no carb food list best mail order meat online 2021

The 10 best places to order meat online in 2024

Need a cut of steak? Some pork? A few lobster tails? Skip a trip to the store and buy fresh meat online from the best premium delivery companies.
Foods with prebiotics like chicory, beets, and leeks.

14 of the best prebiotic foods you should be eating – from apples to oats and lentils

Prebiotics help support your overall gut health and optimize digestion. Here's a list of the best prebiotic foods to eat right now.
Cajun food in a pan.

A guide to Cajun food, a Franco-American wonder

Like jazz or basketball, Cajun food is a quintessential American creation rich with history and culture.
Isaac Toups Chasing the Gator Book Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

How to make the best gumbo, according to Chef Isaac Toups

There is nothing more emblematic of Cajun cooking than gumbo. Chef Isaac Toups teaches us how to make gumbo and shares one of his favorite recipes.
Person opening wine bottle

This is how long wine really lasts after you open a bottle

Not all wines are created equal. The amount of time you're trying to stretch that bottle will greatly depend on what kind of wine it is.
ribeye steak roasted potatoes chimichurri sauce

How to cook steak in the oven perfectly every time

While the traditional way of cooking steak might still be the best way to cook it, other contemporary methods can bring you a different mouthwatering taste.
Man outside holding a cut head of lettuce

Can you freeze lettuce? The do’s and don’ts of making your produce last

Frozen lettuce may not be the best for making salads, you don't have to toss it just yet.

The 101 on Italicus: Breaking down the bergamot liqueur and how to use it

Itallicus is a bergamot liqueur that comes in a gorgeous bottle and can be used in a variety of ways.
Foods high in antioxidants

Dark chocolate, beets, kale, and more: These 15 foods are high in antioxidants for optimal health

Foods high in antioxidants can reduce your risk of cancer and certain diseases. Find a list of antioxidant foods here.

11 best coffee books: Brew up a pot of knowledge

Coffee has a background and history that is as full-bodied as its taste and aroma. Read these best coffee books from its sociology down to its history.
rose wine cooking recipe kitchen

How to cook with rosé wine, according to chefs

According to our expert sources, rosé has just as much relevance as a cooking wine as its red and white counterparts.
Man cooking in his kitchen

Skillets, flatware, mixing bowls, and more: Here’s the ultimate list of kitchen essentials every home chef needs

Your kitchen can be one of the toughest rooms to properly stock. To help you out, here are some of the top kitchen tools and appliances to add to your home.
BBQ Brisket being sliced by hand.

Here’s all you need to know about brisket: A comprehensive guide

There aren't many foods more heartily satisfying than slow-cooked meat. Here's all you need to know about brisket.
st lucia

Dining at Sandals Grande St. Lucian: A Caribbean paradise with 11 all-inclusive restaurants

Sandals Grande St Lucian has 12 great restaurants in its all-inclusive resort, and we tried them all
Coffee cup on a surface

Coffee pros say these trends will dominate in 2024

From coffee memberships to organic coffee, these are the coffee trends to look out for in 2024.

Wine drinker? You need to know about this fantastic deal

Get quality and inexpensive wines from NakedWines, and save big with this offer for new customers.
Instant ramen

It’s time to stop fearing MSG: Here’s why

There's hardly a more contested additive in all of food than MSG. The ingredient, derived from seaweed in 1908, is pretty complicated.
Applie bourbon

How to make apple-infused bourbon

Infused bourbon isn't hard to make. All you need is bourbon (even if it's not good bourbon!) and some time.
A tractor hauling a float with lobster on the street at night.

A brief history of Mardi Gras – find out how this tradition with beads started

Mardi Gras is a holiday known for beads, cocktails, and king cake, but do you know its origins? Check out our brief history of Mardi Gras and find out!
Whiskey in a glass

Yes, bourbon can be aged too long – here’s how to pick the best-aged bourbon

Did you know bourbon can be aged too long? It's true - in certain scenarios. We tell you everything you need to know
Brazilian picanha on plate with sides.

Secrets revealed: Chef shares his best tips for cooking a picanha steak

Brazilian picanha is a must-eat for any meat lover. We learn all the tips and tricks from a chef.
Buzzard's Roost

This new American sipping whiskey is only $40 per bottle due to one clever, sustainable step

This whiskey is first aged in charred oak barrels. It then has a second maturation in previously used proprietary whiskey barrels.