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Volkswagen GTI EV concept in red left front three-quarter view on a loose gray gravel surface.

The Volkswagen GTI EV: What we know so far

There's no firm launch date for the electrified hot hatch, but VW has confirmed the GTI EV is coming.

The best cheese for burgers: Our top 7 favorites

These are the best cheeses to top on your summertime burgers.
Ocean hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links

Round up your golf buddies — these are the best golf trips in the U.S.

In the morning, hit the links with your buddies, try and break par, and take in stunning landscapes. These are the best golf trips in the U.S.

Our favorite bourbon cocktails for summer (it’s not just a cold-weather drink)

While clear spirits get most of the love during the warmer months, if you’re letting your bourbon bottles collect dust, you’re really missing out.
The Titanic ocean liner

Would you sail on a Titanic replica? Everything we know about the Titanic II

The story of the Titanic captured imaginations around the world. Soon, a replica of the iconic ship may take to the seas, in an updated, modern form.
Sliced steak

The best steak cuts for grilling: These are real crowd-pleasers

Steak and summer is a close and special pairing. Count on these cuts as you fire up the grill this year.
Sun and clouds with airplane wing

Customers think these are the best airlines, according to a J.D. Power report

Air travel covers long distances in short timespans, but can be hectic. JD Power's survey on the best airlines shows who provides a more comfortable flight.
Tissot Powermatic 80 mint green

Tissot has some gorgeous green additions to its PRX watch collection

Tissot expands the PRX collection with a mint green Powermatic 80 and a dark green Chronograph
Alfa Romeo Giulia

The 2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia: What we know so far

The electric Alfa Romeo Giulia is more likely to be an Italian Charger than a boring crossover
Lagavulin offerman

Nick Offerman, Lagavulin debut 11-year-old Scotch whisky finished in rum casks

Nick Offerman has been collaborating with Lagavulin to release a limited-edition expression of the popular peated whisky for the last few years.
Anya Taylor-Joy in Furiosa.

The reviews are in for Furiosa, and critics say it’s a ‘visceral triumph’

Furiosa is getting a warm reception, even if it's not quite Fury Road.
Sankt-Petersburg/Russia - July 21 2019: McDonald’s worker holding bag of fast food. Hand with a paper bag through the window of mcdonalds car drive thru service.

High protein fast food for a busy day: These picks won’t kill your fitness goals

Consider these 5 delicious options for high protein fast food on your next busy day.
Loud Mouth BBQ Sauce

We love the flavor variety in this new collection of barbecue sauces

Just in time for grilling season, there's a delicious new line of barbecue ingredients on the shelves at Ace Hardware.
Alligator in a swamp

How to escape and survive an alligator attack

There are some steps you can take to help your chances of surviving an alligator encounter, should you be in a situation that calls for them. Here they are.
Pickup truck with travel trailer

6 RV camper styles perfect for every family and budget

Looking to narrow down the right RV for you? We've got you covered with all the different types to choose from.
Soft-shell crab La Torque

How to cook soft-shell crab at home

Though it seems like a daunting task, cleaning and cooking soft-shell crab is actually quite simple. We got some expert tips from a Michelin-starred chef.
A bear bag hanging from a tree branch

Everyone needs to know how to hang a bear bag, including you

If you're heading into the backcountry and you know you'll be in bear-itory, it's time to learn how to hang a bear bag.
Summer cocktails

These unique summer cocktails each offer a refreshing twist you’ll love

Summer stands for fun and these celebratory cocktails will keep you carefree all season long.
Two bison in a field

How to avoid a bison attack this summer (and any time of the year)

As unlikely as it is that a bison will attack you, it pays to know the etiquette, especially when traveling to places like Yellowstone National Park.
Person grilling

You’ve probably never grilled these foods … but you should

Ribs and burgers are wonderful, but these are some of our favorite grill ideas, and a few not-so-traditional grilled ingredients for your next cookout.
seaweed salad wakame with avocado on white square plate with chopsticks

Include these 10 foods high in b1 in your diet to reap the benefits of thiamine

Include these ten healthy foods in your diet to get the benefits of vitamin B1 or thiamine
Solar Eclipse above Mount Mansfield

iPhone photography tips: How to take better travel photos on your phone

Though the latest iPhones are technological marvels, capable of taking vivid pics, there are ways to take your photography even further.

Basil Hayden brought back a popular limited edition bourbon — where you can get it

As the name Subtle Smoke would suggest, this isn’t a robust, campfire whiskey as you’d find from Scotch whisky makers like Lagavulin, Laphroaig, and Ardbeg.
toyota rav4 future suv rhv my22 0005 v002 16x9 s1qfww8ry

What we know about Toyota’s next-gen RAV4 so far

The new rav4 will debut the sixth generation of Toyota's perennially best selling SUV
Ben Simmons wearing dress by Thom Browne departs for the 2024 Met Gala on a theme 'The Garden of Time' from The Pierre Hotel in New York on May 6, 2024.

Revealed: The most expensive watches at the Met Gala

The top 10 most expensive watches at the Met Gala includes one that costs over $6 million
Homemade pisco sour cocktail with lime and bitters

Here’s our perfect Pisco Sour recipe

The pisco sour that's claimed as a national drink by two nations has fascinated cocktail lovers for decades. Find out why and try whipping up your own.
Cooking potatoes and carrot sticks with spices in an air fryer

11 best air fryer recipes for everyone to try – from appetizers to desserts

Got a brand-new air fryer (finally) but sick of cooking bagged French fries? Check out these creative air fryer recipes.
Grapefruit sprtiz cocktail

The best spritz cocktail recipes to drink this spring

If you love a good spritz, then you must try these cocktail recipes that use spirits like gin, whiskey, and vermouth for new takes on the classic drink.
Various healthy foods on a table

20 delicious appetizer recipes to cook for your next dinner party

Want an appetizer that will knock the socks of your party guests? These app recipes go beyond chips and dip.
Person holding an open wine bottle toward the camera

How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

Here's how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew and save the day. All you need is a pair of shoes, a bike pump, a blunt object, or port tongs.
2025 Defender 110 Sedona Edition parked on desert sand with rocky hills in the background right rear three-quarter view

Defender revamps luxury in 2025 lineup with signature 110 Sedona Edition

Jaguar Land Rover's Defender brand bumpied up the luxury and personalization of its hardy adventure vehicle.
Man grilling over large flame

Grilling safety tips (so the only things roasted are your meat and veggies)

Following these grilling safety tips will help prevent accidents and keep your barbecues injury-free.
a bunch of serums in a row

Dull skin? Here’s how to liven it up

Does your skin appear to be graying? You may have dull skin, which can leave you looking and feeling less than your best. These tips will help.
2025 BMW M4 CS driver side profile shot parked in a garage with a corrugated wall.

2025 BMW M4 CS: intentionally intense and emotional

BMW designed the 2025 BMW M4 CS to give drivers "a more intense, emotional driving experience." Here's how they did it.
Ford Hybrid F-150 pulling an Airstream trailer on a two-lane road with trees next to the road.

Ford’s hybrid vehicle strategy pays off with new all-time sales record

Ford reported good news for hybrid sales in its latest monthly report
Wilderton Aperitivo and citrus.

The best new non-alcoholic drinks for a happy hour without the hangover

It's the most exciting time for NA drinks ever. Here's what to enjoy, hangover not included.
man wearing shorts no shirt working out exercising on bars calisthenics

The 28-day calisthenics challenge: A complete guide

Calisthenics has many benefits, including building muscle mass and being accessible for nearly everyone. Discover if this 28 day challenge is for you.
The new Audi eMTB e-bike

Audi has a new eMTB, and it’s looking as phenomenal as their cars

Audi tests the mountain bike waters with the release of their new e-bike the Audi eMTB

The 10 best amaros and how to drink them

TAG Heuer x Kith Formula 1 watches

This Tag Heuer F1 watch collab might be our favorite nostalgic throwback yet

TAG Heuer partners with Kith for the nostalgic Formula 1 watch of your childhood

How tobacco cultivation, fermentation, and curing works

This informative guide explains how tobacco cultivation, fermentation and curing affects the leaves used in premium cigars. Get to know what you're smoking!
Selection of cigars in an ashtray resting on a wooden table.

The 10 best Honduran cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

These are the best Honduran cigars I tried and tested recently while I was enjoying a relaxing smoke. There are some flavor bombs here.
Margherita pizza

How to make a soft, chewy Neapolitan-style pizza like a pro

Pizza stems from one style — Neapolitan pizza. Despite the countless variations of pizza throughout the world, Neapolitan pizza has stood the test of time.
Fresh spring sparkling water

The best sparkling water cocktails to rival hard seltzers

Hard seltzers are all the rage, but sparkling water cocktails are classic and timeless and can offer a better flavor regardless of the weather and the season.
Hot dogs on a grill

How to cook or grill a hot dog perfectly every time

First things first. In case you didn’t know, a hot dog is a sausage, produced, cured, and stored the same way as bologna, frankfurters, and Vienna sausages.
Smoked veggie and tofu kabobs

Our super-easy guide to perfectly smoked vegetables

Smoked vegetables are perfect for your next cookout -- here's how to make them perfect every time.
Rachel Barrie

Women distillers you should know who make spirits all over the world

Around the world, these ladies are producing some of the most exciting spirits out there. Get to know the women making a mark in the distilling industry.

How to make the most magnificent mimosa

An afterthought in the world of craft cocktails, the mimosa can be something special, if you know what you're doing.
iced espresso

What is low-acid coffee (and should you make the switch)?

Low acid coffee has become popular, offering delicious coffee with lower acidity. In this guide, learn more about low acid coffee and if you should switch.
man wearing Tom wood crest ring

These silver rings for men should be added to your accessories arsenal

Silver rings for men can take your outfit to the next level