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A rider on a Ryvid Outset electric motorcycle in Vapor Grey on a city street under an overpass.

Ryvid’s Outset electric motorcycle launches with an unexpected low price

Ryvid's Outset and re-priced Anthem could be harbingers of even better-than-price parity with gas-powered motorcycles.
Mercedes-AMG CLE 53 Cabriolet front view red with top down parked on asphalt with hills in background.

It’s Mercedes season and the AMG CLE 53 Cabriolet just dropped

The AMG CLE 53 Cabriolet shifts the needle toward luxury but is no slouch when the going gets frisky.
Man doing leg press.

How to do a leg press: Everything you need to know

Here's everything you should know about the leg press, from proper form to the many benefits
electric jeep wrangler wrangter magneto 1 0 concept parked on a rocky rise in the desert

The electric Jeep Wrangler: Everything we know so far

Jeep parent company Stellantis has made it clear that an all-electric Jeep Wrangler is coming, possibly sooner than many expect. Here's what we know so far.
A gorgeous view of an empty golf course.

How many acres is a golf course?

How many acres is a golf course? We'll take a swing at how much land it takes to bring you a round of golf.
best arturo fuente cigars in ybor city  west tampa from wilson and girgenti engineering

The 8 best Arturo Fuente cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

These are the best Arturo Fuente cigars I've tried and tested, and frankly, that I've been able to get my hands on. They're hard to find!
Hennessey Ford VelociRaptoR 1000 Super Truck left front three-quarter view of front quater of the truck.

Hennessey goes truckin’ with VelociRaptoR 1000 ‘Super Truck’

Hennessey went all out to upgrade Ford's F-150 Raptor R to the 1043-bhp VelociRaptoR 1000.
Man preparing quick cocktails at home

Your home bar needs these quick and easy simple syrup recipes

Whether you have a sweet tooth or need to balance out an earthy cocktail, simple syrup is a key part of any bar. Check out these simple syrup recipes.
Man using nose strip

How to get rid of those annoying blackheads once and for all

Spotting a blackhead on your skin is never a good thing. Follow this guide to removing it fast.
A wide shot of skewers on a grill

This is how to clean a grill, whether it’s charcoal, gas, or pellet

Uncleaned grease and carbon deposits can alter the taste of food and damage your grill. Here, we've outlined the steps on how to clean a grill.
nine-grid hot pot with ingredients.

NYC restaurant Mala Hot Pot teaches us about modern Chinese hot pot

Chinese hot pot comes in many forms. We interviewed Mala Hot Pot to learn the details, from optimum cooking times to their specialty — the Nine-Grid Blind Box.
Caucasian muscular man using pull down machine in the gym, weight lifting workout.

Do you need intra workout carbs?

But are intra workout carbs the best strategy for everyone? Should you try it? Let's dive into this fitness trend and who should consider giving it a try.
Man in newsboy cap and pleated trousers

What is old money style? (Plus, how you can achieve the look)

Why is Gen Z becoming obsessed with old money style and why are they adopting grandpa core? Here is what you need to know.
Rolls Royce Cullinan Series II

The Rolls Royce Cullinan Series II: An ultra-luxury sequel to its popular SUV

Rolls Royce has announced the Cullinan Series II alongside a Black Badge edition of the new SUV
Moscow mule cocktail with lime and mint in a copper mug

The classic vodka cocktails you need to know how to make

There are a number of classic vodka cocktails that are a little more complex but still easy to make, like a Moscow Mule or a White Russian.
A Bespoke box in the middle of a black table, surrounded by various items.

The best Stitch Fix competitors and alternatives

Stitch Fix has become the standard for clothing subscription boxes, but there are Stitch Fix alternatives out there that you may want to try.
Man chopping a tree

How to fell a tree with an axe – the steps and tips you need

Whether you need to gather firewood, get rid of problem trees, or become a better outdoorsman, here's how to fell a tree with an axe.
greek yogurt with berries and granola

The best snacks for the Mediterranean diet: 9 healthy, tasty ideas

Mediterranean diet snacks meet the oft-recommended eating plans' standards and taste food. RDs shared their top recommendations.
Man running

Sound therapy to improve your workouts: does it really work?

Have you every thought about incorporating sound therapy into your fitness routine? This is how sound could enhance your workouts.
Different raw steak cuts

How to tenderize steak: The pros of every method

There are many ways to tenderize steak in your own kitchen. Which one is best for your dish?
A group of friends playing golf.

What is an executive golf course?

What is an executive golf course? It's a must when you only have a few hours on a Saturday instead of a whole day, but you'd like to get a few swings in.
Fort Lauderdale

The best beaches in Florida for a quick weekend trip

Are you thinking about taking a quick weekend trip to a Florida beach this year? These are just a few of the best beaches in Florida.
Citizen Promaster Geo Trekker

The new Citizen Promaster Geo Trekker watch is an absolute beast

Citizen celebrates anniversary of Promaster series with latest Promaster Geo Trekker
Porsche 911 carrera at sunset

The Porsche 911 hybrid: What you need to know

The Porsche 911 hybrid will be released either 2025 or 2026 but what do we know about this vehicle? Lets find out the facts.

How to make the Aviation cocktail, a drink almost lost to history

But there's one drink in particular that disappeared for decades and almost didn't come back at all. We're talking about the Aviation.
Electric car plugged into charger

New survey suggests automakers aren’t building the EVs people really want

A new study from Edmunds shows us that Consumers don't want EVs as much as manufactures thought
Centr resistance bands

Anyone can do Chris Hemsworth’s 15-minute resistance band workout

Burn calories, build muscle, and get fit with this 15-minute resistance band workout by Chris Hemsworth.
Doha Airport

This is now the best airport in the world, according to travelers

The World Airport Awards have just revealed the winners for the best airports in the world.
Person picking out a watch

This is how much Gen Z spends on a new watch (spoiler: it’s a lot)

In a new Watchfinder report, we've found out that Gen Z has some surprising economic potential
Three Outside Van camper vans parked in the desert.

The best camper vans for adventurous luxury living in the great outdoors

The best camper vans go way beyond those Insta-famous vanlife rigs with swanky interiors, high-tech amenities, and off-road features ready to take you anywhere.
White wine close-up

What exactly is a dry white wine?

There are two wine descriptive words that are quite easy to understand and very important when considering the taste of any particular wine: sweet and dry. 
2024 Ford Bronco Raptor Code Orange descending a rocky grade with desert hills and vegetation.

Electric Bronco: What we know about Ford’s iconic SUV

Ford has dropped enough breadcrumbs about an electric Bronco that we can piece together a profile of the upcoming electric version of Ford's iconic SUV.

The best Belgian beers you can find everywhere

We’re turning our attention to one of the most popular beer destinations not just in Europe, but in the world. We’re talking about Belgium.

The best things to do in Sedona: 8 can’t-miss experiences

Are you thinking about taking a trip to the beautiful city of Sedona? Make your trip a great one and check out these fun things to do in Sedona.
Patek Philippe reference 6301A

Patek Philippe’s one-of-a-kind watch for the Only Watch auction is sublime

This Patek Philippe watch is the brand's newest entry for Only Watch 2024

Beef up your grill game: 5 tips and tricks for making the best burgers

Whether you prefer your burger grilled, broiled, seared, or pressed, these tips are guaranteed to give you the best burger bang for your buck.

These popular Delta Amex credit cards — made from a Boeing 747 — are back

With the new Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card, you can hold a piece of aviation history in your hands.
healthy grilling ideas sweet potato fries and dips

Healthy grilling ideas: These foods will have you feeling great all summer long

These healthy grilling ideas will have you eating deliciously and nutritiously throughout BBQ season (and the football tailgates that follow).
Aston Martin's Miami Residences

Aston Martin Residences Miami: Limited availability, luxe interior, and 0 wheels

Aston Martin's 66-story luxury condo building features seven penthouses, a pool, and an art gallery.
Jay-Z performing

Jay-Z’s incredible watch collection includes a Hublot worth $5 million

The Jay-Z watch collection features ultra-rare timepieces from brands like Hublot, and Patek Philippe
Whiskey in a glass on a table

Rye whiskey vs bourbon: The differences explained

When it comes to whiskey, there aren’t any as American as bourbon and rye whiskey. They’re like apple pie and the designated hitter.
jeep gladiator 4xe phev coming in 2025 white 2024 mojave taversing red sand slope with blowing of wheels

CEO says Jeep Gladiator 4xe PHEV arrives in 2025

An electrified Jeep Gladiator is coming, and it may be here sooner than many expect.
2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 parked on a wet cement floor under next to a concrete buiding in a high desert area.

GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1: Ready to go further with improved range

The first 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 pickup trucks will go further, tow more, and carry heavier weight than expected.
An Old Fashioned cocktail on a counter

How to make an Old Fashioned cocktail the right way

As simple as an Old Fashioned cocktail is, it can still be made improperly. Here's how to perfect the age-old bourbon classic.
Jeep and Marathon Watch collection launch image with a watch in the center and a Jeep driving on a muddy dirt road.

These 4 new watches put a modern twist on Jeep, Marathon’s WWII history

Jeep and Marathon Watch collection commemorates their shared history of supplying the Allied Forces with military specification equipment back to 1941.
passport sitting on top of white paper

How to renew Global Entry (and when you should do it)

Follow these steps to easily renew your Global Entry expedited screening membership to continue breezing through U.S. immigration and customs.

Drink up at these amazing bars — they’re favorites of famous authors

Famous writers have long loved a good drink. Here are the bars where the best writers tended to hang out.
Audi Q7 on the road

The 2026 Audi Q9: Everything we know so far

Audi's largest SUV is coming to us in 2026 and will be called the Q9
2025 Defender OCTA limited high-performance edition climbing a steep desert incline

How prospective buyers can preview the high-performance 2025 Defender OCTA

Defender is inviting clients who want to secure a reservation for the most powerful Defender ever to register for one of seven preview events.
a wide shop of a man running on the beach

What is zone 2 training anyway?

Zone 2 cardio is all the rage on social media and fitness apps. What is zone 2 training, and does the approach live up to the hype?