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best golf rangefinders garmin rangefinder in use

From Nikon to Bushnell: The 10 best golf rangefinders in 2024

The best golf rangefinders will help your golf game's accuracy. They act like an informational gun, just point and shoot to learn how far away something is.
Davidoff Escurio and Aniversario cigars up close by Briley Kenney from The Manual

The 8 best Davidoff cigars I’ve tried and tested in 2024

These are the best Davidoff cigars that I've tried and tested recently, along with flavors I experienced and a history of the iconic brand.
A person hitting a shot on the golf course.

Tee up at the best golf resorts in the U.S.

The only thing better than playing golf is doing it again the next day. Here's where that comes naturally: At the best golf resorts in the land.
Spit roast lamb

How to spit roast lamb in 5 easy steps

One of the best ways to prepare meat is over an open fire. Learn how to spit roast a whole lamb with our guide. You'll be king of the open flame in no time.
2024 Jeep Gladiator Nighthawk limited edition of 200 driving on a dirt road in a forest,

Jeep Gladiator NightHawk: A limited edition with the right stuff at the right price

Jeep recently launched the Gladiator NightHawk, a limited edition with appearance, convenience, and handling features at a price that's hard to beat.
Bentayga Apex Edition limited edition of just 20 cars right front three-quarter view parked on a dirt track.

Bentley opens the order book with 20-car limited Bentayga Apex Edition

The Bentayga Apex Edition by Mulliner builds on the Bentayga S, the performance flagship of Bentley's luxurious SUV line
Soy-marinated flank steaks on a wooden chopping board from the Food Network

You need to try these incredible beef marinades

Want to add more spice and flavor to your meat? Try one of these mouthwatering beef marinades to up your grilling game.
bowl of Indian shrimp black background

A Michelin-recognized restaurant’s guide to pairing drinks with Indian cuisine

We interview Chola, a Michelin recognized Indian restaurant in New York to learn about pairing beer, wine, and cocktails with Indian cuisine.
A picture of the Yosemite Valley during Spring Time

Yosemite National Park is getting a new glamping site with the luxuries you want

Under Canvas, a popular glamping company, is bringing new accomodations to Yosemite National Park.
Hennessey H850 Cadillac-V conversion left front three-quarter image driving on a road with grassy field in the background.

Hennessey boosts the 2024 Cadillac Escalade-V to 850 horsepower

The Hennessey H850 conversion adds 25% more horsepower and 31% greater torque to the Escalade-V's supercharged engine.
a man doing a plank on a yoga mat

Pilates is about more than just your core — try this full-body Pilates workout

Pilates isn't just a core workout, though your mid-section will be engaged the whole time. A full-body Pilates workout can help you build all-over strength.
F1 graphics for Formula 1 streaming channel content.

Formula 1 has a new subscription-free ad-supported streaming channel

Formula 1 announced a new, ad-supported, subscription-free streaming channel for U.S. racing fans.
Rolex Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona

The most colorful watches for men to get you in the mood for spring and summer

We're bringing your our top picks for colorful watches for men that will remind you of warm spring temperatures
Classic margarita cocktail with salty rim on wooden table with limes and drink utensils

These are the 7 classic tequila cocktail recipes you need to know

From a margarita to a Paloma, here are seven of the best tequila cocktail recipes you need to know and should make, including a few twists on the classics.
Lamborghini Urus SE Super SUV shot front on at Chelsea Arts District debut event.

Lamborghini’s first plug-in hybrid Super SUV: The Urus is more powerful than ever

The Lamborghini Urus SE breaks new ground for the luxury supercar brand because it's the first plug-in hybrid Super SUV.      
Bartender making a whiskey highball

23 easy cocktail recipes you can make at home

From an Old Fashioned to a Tom Collins, we've curated a list of easy, classic cocktail recipes that you can make from the comfort of your own home.
Outdoorsman's Hot Toddy

6 easy camping cocktails to shake your post-hike thirst

The secret to making great camping cocktails while you're far from home is keeping it simple and delicious. Here are the best cocktails you can try.
Middle Eastern, Arabic, or Mediterranean dinner table with grilled lamb kebab, chicken skewers with roasted vegetables and appetizers variety serving on rustic outdoor table

The ultimate guide to Lebanese cuisine, a rich and distinct food culture

Something like the Italy of the Arab world, Lebanon and its cuisine enjoy seasonality, multiple courses, and a rich history.
Various dried pastas

12 amazing types of pasta (and when you should actually be using them)

These are a dozen of our very favorite, most commonly found pasta shapes and how to use them in your cooking.
Man doing skull crushers.

How to do skull crushers the right way: The do’s and don’ts you need to know

Looking to build your triceps and increase strength in your upper body? Discover why skull crushers are a must for your workout routine.
Red Tesla Model 3 Performance facing straight on parked on dark metal plates with a dark wall in the background.

Tesla unleashes the Model 3 Performance: More than the sum of its parts

The refreshed Tesla Model 3 Performance is an amazing deal for a car with sub-3-second 0-60 mph acceleration and nearly 300 miles of range.
Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300G-010 pocket watch

Class up your style: These are the best pocket watches for men

The best pocket watches for men will be trending starting with production on The Peakly Blinders Movie in September
man smoking small cigar by engin-akyurt unsplash

Where do cigars come from? A guide to the premium tobacco growing regions

Ever been curious about where cigar tobacco is grown? This article answers the question "where do cigars come from" with top recommendations for each region.
Man swinging a golf club

Perfect your swing: The 7 best golf alignment sticks in 2024

Let's face it, your golf swing isn't perfect. And even if it is good, you can improve it. One of our favorite ways to do so is to with golf alignment sticks.
Aston Martin launches a new V12 engine for upcoming flagship and limited edition models.

Aston Martin doubles down on ICE with new V12 engine: All will be vanquished

Aston Martin unveiled a new V12 engine that will power upcoming flagship and limited edition models beginning later in 2024.
flat white coffee

What, exactly, is a flat white? All about the tasty coffee drink

The flat white is a delicious, smooth, and velvety espresso drink that you might just be missing out on. Here's what you need to know about the flat white.
Several mountain biking water bottles

The 3 best ways to stay hydrated while mountain biking

Staying hydrated while mountain biking is essential. Here are the 3 best ways to do it
Honda NSX, Mondial Paris Motor Show 2018

Acura NSX EV: What we know so far

Eager to learn more about the new Acura NSX EV model? Read our guide to learn everything we know about this upcoming electric model so far.
Citizen watch in ground beans

These are the Japanese watch brands you should know

Although Swiss watches ten to steal the attention, these Japanese watches are some of the perfect additions for any watch lover's collection.
Concept 2 erg rowing machine.

The essential rowing machine workouts guide: Tips, workout plan, and more

Rowing is a great form of cardio, and it also builds muscle throughout the body. Discover some effective workouts to add to your routine.
Diablo Don Papa cocktail

9 delicious drink recipes for Cinco de Mayo (that aren’t all margaritas)

Cinco de Mayo is about so much more than generic margaritas. Try these festive cocktails and see for yourself.
Joji box sushi on black table.

How a Michelin-starred sushi chef crafts omakase to go

Michelin level omakase sushi is now accessible for takeout. We take an inside look into Jōji Box,
2025 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance direct front view parked in front of a glass-walled building.

2025 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance: AMG’s fastest accelerating car yet

During the Shanghai Grand Prix, Mercedes-AMG unveiled the F1-inspired 2025 AMG GT 63 S E Performance, the fastest accelerating AMG production model ever.
mens cologne on black satin

The mistakes you shouldn’t make (but probably do) when you buy men’s cologne

Don't make the wrong impression when you buy cologne, here are the mistakes for you to avoid.

8 best things to do in Cabo San Lucas for an unforgettable trip

Are you thinking about planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas this year? Don't miss out on these 8 fun things to do in Cabo San Lucas.
Man running on trail.

Training for a 10k race: Everything you need to know

Running a 10k race can seem daunting, but all you need is a solid plan. Discover exactly what to eat and how to train for success.
Rezvani Retro Porsche 911 conversion parked on tracksidewith a distant mountains in the background.

How you can get a Porsche 911 modified to feel like a retro Porsche 935

Rezvani Retro will convert a modern Porsche 911 to look and perform like a Porsche 935 race car for you.
A solo stove popcorn maker placed over a solo stove standalone fire pit

Forget s’mores: Solo Stove has a new camping-ready popcorn maker

The new Solo Stove Popcorn Maker simplifies the process of preparing a popular campfire snack with it's compact and efficient design. Let's take a look.
Raw salmon on plate

How to cook salmon: A complete beginner’s guide

If you've only ever explored just one or two of these delicious methods for cooking salmon, it's time to up your game and try out a new preparation.
Vanspeed California Coast camper van parked in a parking lot.

Vanspeed’s California Coast camper van is built for bold coastal adventures

The all-new Vanspeed California Coast camper van features a sleek, coastal-inspired interior, plus enough space inside and out for your favorite adventure gear.
American Airlines 787 landing

Check out American Airlines’ new suite seats (and other upgraded amenities)

Airplane seating seems to have remained largely the same over the years. That’s set to change with American Airlines’ new Flagship Suite Preferred seat.

Yes, you can live on a vineyard — check out these dream homes for sale

These vineyard homes are all currently on the market, just waiting for someone's fantasy to become a reality.

3 great reasons to visit the Caribbean island Ernest Hemingway made famous

Bimini is a gorgeous island in the Caribbean that is full of rich history. Discover everything that this enchanting island has to offer.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas bucket hat

These 6 ’90s fashion trends for men have staying power

It isn't your Starter Jacket or your JNCO Jeans with the ripped bottoms, but here are some 90s trends that are back in style in 2024.
Midleton Whiskey

Midleton releases its oldest whiskey to date — here’s how much it costs

Referred to as Chapter Five, this single-pot still whiskey isn’t the type of expression you’ll grab at your local liquor store.
April 2006. F1 World Championship. Grand Prix of San Marino. Michael Schumacher, Germany, Ferrari, winner, celebrating on the podium with Fernando Alonso and Juan-Pablo Montoya.

F1 driver Michael Schumacher’s watch collection to be auctioned (and it’s great)

Eight oof F1 legend Michael Schumacher's watches are going to be auctioned in May
A golfer using the Callaway golf club brush.

Keep your irons and woods cean: The 7 best golf brushes

Dirty golf clubs will slowly deteriorate you clubs and golf bag and will even make your shots inconsistent. Use one of these golf club brushes to clean yours.
Polestar 3 driving on the road

What you need to know about the Polestar 3

Here is a comprehensive list of all the major questions and answers about the new Polestar 3
Two whiskey glasses

Copperworks releases 3 new whiskeys, and they’re outstanding

We were very interested to hear that the distillery was releasing not one, not two, but three new single malt whiskeys.
Man in linen jacket and shirt

5 stylish spring color combinations every man should know

Combinations of spring colors can be tricky for people stuck on the fall hues. Here are five great combinations.