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Perfect your swing: The 7 best golf alignment sticks in 2024

Let’s face it, your golf swing isn’t perfect. And even if it is good, you can improve it. One way is to spend all day on the driving range, trying to get extra yardage on your drive even though the USGA hates good swings nowadays. Another technique is to put yourself out there on the virtual golf course, where you can practice 24/7, rain and shine. But neither of these techniques can really save you if you have bad form and stance, and that’s where golf alignment sticks come in.

At their most basic, golf alignment sticks are simple, oftentimes colorful, rods that are used to improve your stance, swing path, and positioning when tackling a golf shot. As they’re pretty simple, you should take your pick from a large assortment to get what you want. Here are some of the best golf alignment sticks for you to get started in your selection process with.

The best golf alignment sticks in 2024

  • Buy the for a stylish and well marked set of golf alignment sticks.
  • Buy the for the best full swing assistance.
  • Buy the if you need to save space for other equipment in your bag.
  • Buy the for a great wooden pair.
  • Buy the for a dual-stick alignment system with included guidance.
  • Buy the for intensely bright, almost neon colors.
  • Buy the for individual golf alignment rods with bright colors at a great price point.

Pro Stix Alignment Poles

Best marked

A pair of the Pro Stix Alignment poles.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Pros Cons
Multiple zones Some color options dull
Three color options
Easy to carry

The Pro Stix Alignment Poles are gold alignment sticks that emphasize specific zones you’ll be interested in without getting overly busy. Split into three zones (a forward zone, back zone, and middle zone) with a further subdivided middle zone for more precision over your ball and foot placement, these alignment sticks will be very easy to use.

They’ll also be quite easy to move to the field. They’re made of a lightweight fiberglass to ensure you can carry a group of them without over-encumbering yourself. You’ll also appreciate the end loops, which will allow you to tie the sticks together and carry them as one.

The Pro Stix Alignment sticks have three color variations, including the black ones above. Many will like this or the dark bluish green variation, which appear more professional in comparison to bright colors. However, if you tend to play at dusk, the contrast of the darker and lighter colors of the middle zone segments may not pop quite as much as it would during midday. In this case, we recommend you try the red variation, which has a middle zone that is a sort of “thermometer red” and should display clearly at any point in the day.

Key Specifications
Zones 3 main zones; mid zone divided 5 times
3 color choices

SKLZ 48-inch Pro Rods 3-Rod Alignment System

Best for full swings

A man using the 3-pole golf swing alignment system from SKLZ.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Pros Cons
Full swing system A little expensive
Also helps with putting
Pointed body guide pole won’t slip easily
Includes storage tube

The SKLZ 48-inch Pro Rods are designed around a three-rod system that helps align your whole body for the right shot. They each feature nine marking lines for help getting precisely positioned. Able to be used in multiple ways, go beyond just getting your pre-swing setup right by changing the configuration for putting practice, too. The SKLZ training manual offers guidance for both basic alignment and putting alignment training as well as guidance on how to use your SKLZ sticks for reducing sway, practicing a proper swing plane, and getting correct golf posture.

All of these training configurations can be a head scratcher, of course, as you move poles around. And that will include around your body. To make things safe, there are rubber end caps on each pole, however the yellow pole has one end that is slightly tapered at the end. This is also for your benefit, as it will prevent sliding on the ground.

Key Specifications
Quantity 3
Length 48 inches
Color Yellow and black

Maxfli Collapsible Alignment Sticks

Best space saving

Four of the Maxfli Collapsible Alignment Sticks.
Pros Cons
Saves bag room Need to be careful when collapsing
Bright red and white
Quality rubber end points

When you golf, you already have a ton clubs in your bag, even if you’re at the stage where you only have a golf club set for beginners. A few extra poles in the bag can be all it takes to get things too stuffed to play comfortably. That’s why some golfers learn to love the Maxfli Collapsible Alignment Sticks, which can “shrink” in size and save you room. Perhaps instead o putting them in your golf bag, you can place them in your backpack, for instance.

These golf alignment sticks are brightly colored with bold red lines across a white midsection. The rubber endpoints are either rounded or pointed, giving you options for on-ground or on-body placement. Just be careful as you collapse and reopen your sticks, as the fiberglass construction is nice and lightweight for easier carriage, but doesn’t have the durability of metal hinges or the like.

Key Specifications
Color Red and white

Devant Alignment Sticks

Best wood golf alignment sticks

A pair of Devant Alignment Sticks.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Pros Cons
Made from treated hard wood Expensive
Metal end caps
Sustainable sourcing

While fiberglass tends to be the predominately used material for golf alignment sticks, if you want something of a more premium quality and delightful aesthetic, you might consider wood. The Devant Alignment Sticks use sustainably sourced wood treated with lacquer to promote longevity. With a treatment that leaves the wood hard, yet lightweight, and hard metal endcaps, the Devant Alignment Sticks are bound to be in your collection for quite some time.

Unfortunately, the premium materials and treatment are reflected in the price. However, due to the long lasting nature of the end result, the long-term price to years used ratio will likely tilt in your favor.

Key Specifications
Length 45 inches
Color 2 color options

Maxfli Twin Pole Alignment System

Best dual-stick system

The Maxfli Twin Pole Alignment System's two golf alignment poles.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Pros Cons
Included instructions Would be nice to have third stick
Bright coloration
Dual-tipped ends
Affordable pricing

If you’re clueless about where to begin a dual-stick golf alignment practice program, try this pair. They include an instruction guide tailored to their usage. The sticks have clearly marked sections, with four bright red marking bands around the white midsection. For safety and convenience the ends have stoppers, with one side having a slightly pointed end for sticking firmly to the ground.

This is a great beginner pair of golf alignment sticks, especially if you’re confident in your foot positioning. The only thing we could say negatively about this set is that it could be a bit better if it were a more full three-stick set. However, that’s being picky. This is meant to be a dual-stick golf alignment kit and it does what it does well. There isn’t always a need to overcomplicate things.

Key Specifications
Quantity 2
Length 48 inches
Color Red and white

ProActive Sports F4 Alignment Rods

Brightest colors

A bright orange ProActive Sports F4 Alignment rod.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Pros Cons
Bright, nearly neon colors No sections or markings
Comes in pairs
Easy to carry

If you need something very bright to pop out of the field into your eyes, perhaps so flashy that it is even picked up well in your peripheral, try these golf alignment sticks. We particularly recommend the yellow, red, and orange colors (in that order) for their flashiness of color, though the white color isn’t bad, either, if that’s your style. Each order comes with two sticks of the same color.

The ProActive Sports F4 Alignment Rods have a loop around one side, making them easy to carry wherever you go. However, they lack the sections or markings you frequently see on other golf alignment sticks. Consider using electrical tape or some other system of marking lines if you desire them.

Key Specifications
Quantity 2
Color 4 options available

MoRodz Golf Alignment Rod

Best budget singles

A set of each of the seven available colors for the MoRodz Golf Alignment Rod.
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Pros Cons
Seven bright colors available No sections or markings
Highly visible
Budget pricing

Another golf alignment stick made with incredibly bright colors, the MoRodz Golf Alignment Rod sticks are an excellent budget pick with seven color variations to choose from. The yellow, red, and orange versions are particularly bright. In fact, they are only outdone by the lime green variation. Though, depending on the fairness of your fairway, the green might blend it too much with the turf. In any event, all of the colors are quite bright, with perhaps the the exception of the blue, which takes on a darker shade. The ends of the MoRodz Golf Alignment Rod sticks are capped by wide, safe ends.

As with other golf alignment sticks that are more solidly colored, you may wish to use electrical tape or some other kind of marker to put measurement lines on your MoRodz Golf Alignment Rods. However, the good pricing per stick means that you should also consider using one of these as a third stick for foot positioning alongside a dual-stick system. The long ‘Focus’ inspirational logo near one end of the rod should give you enough guidance for your feet.

Key Specifications
Quantity 1
Length 44 inches
Color 7 options available

How we chose these golf alignment sticks

In many ways, golf alignment sticks are, well, sticks. However, they’re often considered an essential part of the golf training and education process. There are many, many ways that instructors have found to use them over the years. Some swear by two stick systems, others three. Some want all the sticks on the ground while other techniques align a pole with your body or even alongside a club. So, we need to look at what differentiates each kind from the rest. Here are some things to take a look at when you select the best golf alignment sticks for you.


Golf alignment sticks should be easily visible, and that includes any markings on them. While part of using golf alignment sticks is just getting your feet in the right position for your pre-swing setup, there’s also something to be said for being able to follow the path of your club head along laid down lines during your swing. This means that a golf alignment sticks that are visible enough to pick up in your peripheral vision are best.

Marks and sections

Golf alignment sticks are, ultimately, measuring tools. By having marks and sections on them you can get a better idea of where to stand and how to angle yourself. Don’t be completely alarmed, though, if there are no markings as you can make your own with electrical tape.

Endcaps and safety

While golfers are used to carrying around a variety of sticks and rods with them — think golf clubs and ball retrievers — golf alignment sticks are more narrow than others, meaning they could be more likely to poke you. Additionally, some have sharpened points that are meant to stick slightly into the ground, or at least catch hold of it, for some swing posture practice.

As a result, you’ll want to consider safety as you pick your golf alignment sticks. Having rounded endcaps, especially if less mature golfers or those of shorter stature are to be present, could be an eye-saver.

Finally, some endcaps have loops that can be used to bundle and carry your golf alignment sticks with you easily.


As previously mentioned, some golf alignment sticks will have loops on one endcap for easier carriage, but you might see other solutions, too. Frequently, golf alignment sticks will be packaged in plastic tubes or come with one, which is handy for carriage. Considerably less frequently, you’ll see golf alignment sticks that collapse, bend, and/or fold to reduce their overall space. Worst comes to worst, you can always shove a sturdy golf alignment stick into your golf club bag or just wrap your fist around them and carry them with you.


Traditionally, golf alignment sticks are made of a mostly-fiberglass material with rubber or plastic endcaps. This material is durable, doesn’t degrade obscenely quick, and is lightweight enough to keep the alignment sticks from becoming a terrible burden.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t more advanced material around, however, as you can find things like treated wood golf alignment sticks.

Included help and instructions

It’s sort of nice to think that, as a beginner, you can throw down some sticks and get started shooting a hole-in-one right off the bat. Reality gets in our way, there, of course. Golf alignment sticks, despite their simple appearance, have many complex uses. Golf Monthly gives an excellent video guide on 10 ways to use golf alignment sticks, for example.

Should you be totally new to the concept of golf alignment sticks, however, then you should know that some sets of golf alignment sticks will come with instructions. If your sticks have line markings on them or different colorations, these guides may be extra useful for the particularities of the sticks given, going above and beyond the advice that general helpers may give.

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