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The Jeep Recon EV: What we know so far

The trail-ready Jeep Recon: Is it or isn't it a Wrangler EV placeholder?

Green Jeep Recon Concept EV on beach with rocky hills nearby and in the background.
Look for Jeep to start taking orders for the 2025 Jeep Recon EV in late 2024. The Recon will be Jeep’s second BEV to launch in the U.S., following this year’s all-electric Wagoneer S. The Recon will be trail-rated, ready for off-road fun, but not a replacement for the Wrangler EV, which is scheduled for later release.

Why the Jeep Recon EV is important

Bright yellow Jeep Recon concept EV in driving up a rocky incline.
Jeep’s parent company, Stellantis, has been clear about its electrification plans and goals. In Q3 2022, after launching the 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), Stellantis revealed the next phase, which the company terms Jeep’s “all-electric product offensive to become the global Zero-Emission SUV leader.”

Jeep plans to introduce electrified models for all  U.S. vehicles by 2025, although the term “electrified includes battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and PHEVs. The Jeep brand goal is for BEVs to be 50% of U.S. sales and 100% of sales in Europe by 2030.

The 2025 Recon EV will be Jeep’s second all-electric U.S. model. It will counterpoint the first Jeep BEV, the large and luxurious 2025 Jeep Wagoneer S. Jeep is playing up the Recon’s trail-rated, perhaps seeing the Recon as a placeholder for the Wrangler EV.

Jeep Recon EV: Wrangler-like, but not a Wrangler

Gray Jeep Recon concept EV with doors off at the bottom of a rocky incline.
Stellantis / Stellantis

The trail-ready Recon EV sure looks Wrangler-esque in the photos above. Stellantis said in 2022 that the Recon would include the Jeep Selec-Terrain traction management system, e-locker axle technology, under-body protection, tow hooks, and off-road tires. In addition, it would have removable doors and removable glass and offer a one-touch powertop. Jeep did not say the windshield would fold down or that the top was removable. The reference to removable glass is for the rear quarter panel and hatch.

All Jeep vehicles are trail-rated, even the largest and fanciest. The Recon will likely appeal to more casual off-road adventurers, but it won’t have the Wrangler’s more extreme rock-crawling capabilities or the same rugged body-on-frame construction that characterizes Wranglers. The Recon will be based on the Stellantis STLA L platform, with dual motors and independent suspension for both axles.

Stellantis production schedules currently include a 2028 Wrangler BEV, with an update to the Wrangler 4xe PHEV in 2025. So, the Recon could appeal to off-road fun seekers who want a full-battery-electric powertrain until the Wrangler EV arrives.

Jeep Recon EV availability and pricing

Green Jeep Recon concept EV on a beach with water almost reaching it overhead shot showing four seats through pushed back top.
Pricing details aren’t available for either Jeep BEV, although we can reasonably expect the Wagoneer S to cost close to, if not more than, six figures. It would be nice to hope Jeep will keep the Recon EV price significantly lower than the current Wrangler PHEV’s $ 50,000-plus level, but we’ll have to see. At this point, the best we can hope for is likely a starting price in the low to mid $40,000 range.

Green Jeep Recon concept EV on a beach with hillls in the background left rear three-quarter shot.
Stellantis / Stellantis

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